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Why Your Look, Weight And Finances Aren’t Holding You Back And How Your Perspective Is The Real Problem

Be Mindful + Feel Balanced, Personal Style + Shopping

In this post, I want to talk about what you’re telling yourself when you’re pinning things to your Pinterest style board and seeing street style on friends and others. Are you pinning with an intention to recreate and…

How To Finally Stop The Body Shaming So You Can Dress The Body You Have Right Now In A Way That Makes You Feel Great

Be Mindful + Feel Balanced, Excersise + Wellness, Personal Style + Shopping

In this post, I’m going to continue on last week’s topic and cover actual things you can say while looking at yourself in the mirror instead of what you’re probably saying. 😏  Pulling the positives of course!  It…

Find Your Inner Personal Stylist Voice So You Can Have The Confidence To Try New Things And Evolve Your Style

Be Mindful + Feel Balanced

Today I’m sharing about the power of your positive mind and how visualizing your best self can shape your reality.  How tweaking the words you use about yourself and the ways you describe yourself and think about yourself…

10 Ways To Find Work Life Balance

Be Mindful + Feel Balanced, Excersise + Wellness

As I sit in my office today totally surrounded by blowing fans and construction debris I, realized how amazing it is when my work/life balance is in more….Balance!  We’ve had a minor setback here at the ‘ol Watson…

Need To Get Away? Destination Miami

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Its that time of year, where we all love a change of scenery and my philosophy is always, the warmer the better!  I decided to cover Miami, Florida because it feels like your in the Caribbean but the…

Routines I Recommend

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ROUTINE:  A CUSTOMARY OR REGULAR COURSE OF PROCEDURE. These are time and money saving tips that I use all the time as a busy working mom… 21 Day Fix and Shakeology The BeachBody 21 Day Fix is my #1…