In this post, I’m going to continue on last week’s topic and cover actual things you can say while looking at yourself in the mirror instead of what you’re probably saying. 😏  Pulling the positives of course!  It works to focus on what you like/want and not on what you don’t.  Realizing that negative thoughts will come to mind, that’s normal, but you have to pivot quickly with the opposite of that negative thought to change how it affects your brain and overall outlook.  So many of us get caught in phases where we aren’t very nice to ourselves.  How long those phases last depends on what you’re saying to yourself in the heat of your most critical moments.

When you’re loving yourself you’re happy, funny, patient, kind, outgoing, charismatic, you name it, love brings out the best in everyone!

Keeping your mind right, therefore each and every thought, positive and optimistic, you’re serving yourself best! You’re saying yes to all the positive vibes that come your way and you’re ignoring or brushing off the negative vibes. There’s always going to be “circumstances” that you feel validate a negative thought, but that validation only makes that negative vibe bigger and more pronounced in your life.  The idea is to acknowledge it but in a way/words/thought that will flip it into a positive vibe. Make it a mind game that you play with yourself and in no time it will be second nature. Thinking, talking, venting, fearing the negative vibes in your life make them the main thing. To forget them or move past them, you need to NOT think about them, vent about them, or fear them. Find a way to accept it, replace the negative points of it with more positive, while still true, points to counteract it.

Here’s an example…Now you try it!

You look in the mirror and think, then say, “Ugh I can’t wear this, it makes my — look big!”  You even say it in your most annoyed disgusted voice…. 😫   We’ve all done it!  From there the only thing coming your way is more moments when you look and feel that way. Sooooo, even though you see what you see, flip it, and say something else like, “Dressing these curves makes me glad I have them”… and do it with a smile on your face! ?  Then, what you’re attracting are more times you’ll be happy about your curves.  By just making it a loving comment/thought and not a hating you’ve shifted what’s yet to happen.

In every second, every thought, every situation you have the ability to shift anytime you want, just by loving your mind enough to train it to think positive and highly of yourself at all times.  It’s like brain exercises and we all know how good exercise is for us… 😉

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xoxo, Kathleen