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Every Woman Should Have these 10 Classic Wardrobe Pieces

Personal Style + Shopping

Instant outfits are super achievable when you add these staple items to your wardrobe… You could probably get by in life without these items, but who wants to do that? It’s hard not to fall in love with…

Easy Guide for Purchasing A New Summer Wardrobe

Personal Style + Shopping

Ever feel overwhelmed or lost when you enter the store to purchase a new outfit? The worst thing you can do is head to the store without a prepared plan. You want to go in knowing what outfits…

How To Finally Stop The Body Shaming So You Can Dress The Body You Have Right Now In A Way That Makes You Feel Great

Be Mindful + Feel Balanced, Excersise + Wellness, Personal Style + Shopping

In this post, I’m going to continue on last week’s topic and cover actual things you can say while looking at yourself in the mirror instead of what you’re probably saying. 😏  Pulling the positives of course!  It…

Find Your Inner Personal Stylist Voice So You Can Have The Confidence To Try New Things And Evolve Your Style

Be Mindful + Feel Balanced

Today I’m sharing about the power of your positive mind and how visualizing your best self can shape your reality.  How tweaking the words you use about yourself and the ways you describe yourself and think about yourself…

The First Thing You Must Know If You Want To Wear The Outfits You Love

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It’s not as hard as you may think to dream up a personal style that’s perfect for you, then decide which outfits you want to wear to express that.  Knowing what you like and the message you want…