Instant outfits are super achievable when you add these staple items to your wardrobe…

You could probably get by in life without these items, but who wants to do that? It’s hard not to fall in love with a good capsule wardrobe where everything mixes and matches together. I sure know I love having these classic pieces readily available in my closet.

  1. Striped Tee: This classic is a true neutral that adds a bit more detail and depth to any outfit. Switch out your go-to basic white tee with a striped tee. Boom! You’ve got a new look and a quick transformation.
  2. Military Jacket: This piece magically makes any outfit cooler. It’s also a must-have staple for all your Fall looks.
  3. Bootcut Jeans: These bottoms have the ability to flatter any body shape. Get instantly longer and leaner looking legs when you pair these jeans with a pair of heels. Who doesn’t want that???
  4. Pointed Flats: These shoes are easy, casual, and can have you on-trend in seconds. Be bold and opt-in for a fun print or texture that will take your outfit from blah to chic within a matter of minutes.
  5. Slouchy Cardigan: Cardigans give you the option to be versatile with your outfits. They look great over dresses and sleeveless blouses. And if you’re tired of wearing your blazer, switch it out for a cardigan. Chose one with an eye-catching print as a perfect completer piece to a solid color outfit. You’ll look wonderful!
  6. Trench: Quickly transform any outfit with a trench coat. You can really jazz things up because a trench serves as a backdrop for a great set of accessories. Rock your sunglasses, heels, bag, and jewelry with this look. Weather permitting, you could even dust off one of your hats and add it to this outfit classic.
  7. Button Down: This classic piece can be worn as a shirt or as a completer piece over a plain tee. Go for a boyish-preppy option, but a structured crisp option can be great when appropriate.
  8. Motorcycle Boots: A classic wardrobe addition to any closet! Tough and edgy is good, but you can always swap them out for classy knee-high black boot also.
  9. Slip dress: Such a versatile classic piece! This simple item could be worn every day. It’s a simple piece that encompasses the vibes of the accessories you pair with it. Go for abstract prints or easy-to-wear florals paired with a denim jacket, button-up, or a cute solid color cardigan.
  10. Peacoat: This classic is just as sophisticated as a trench coat but much more casual. These coats are designed for colder weather. Don’t be afraid to be bold and choose a fun print that speaks for itself. Or, you can wear a solid color peacoat and rock some eye-catching accessories to tie everything together.

Don’t settle for just anything when shopping for your classic wardrobe pieces…

Do your research and wait until your shopping and find that piece that just jumps off the hanger at you. Make sure it matches your personality and that its fabrics are comfortable, long-lasting, and well worth the price. Feel free to spend a bit more money on your classic pieces and get exactly what you want. The right piece will cross your path. Now hit the stores with this list of classic pieces and start building your wardrobe!

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