Today I’m sharing about the power of your positive mind and how visualizing your best self can shape your reality.  How tweaking the words you use about yourself and the ways you describe yourself and think about yourself so that you’re attracting the experiences you want and not the experiences you don’t. Doing this can help you find your inner personal stylist voice so you can have the confidence to try new things and evolve your style.

When it comes to personal style the way you see yourself matters so much.  That little voice that’s either cheering you on or breaking you down is with you every second of every day.  What does your voice sound like?  What is it saying to you?  Do you listen and follow?  Or do you know how to shut her up when she needs to? lol!?!  Depending on what that relationship is like you may feel like you’re growing and loving your life’s journey OR you may feel like you’re weighed down and not living your best life.  Everything we experience happens in our minds first.  I know that may sound hoaky but it’s true.  We can materialize anything we can visualize.  So if you’re visualizing an image of yourself that isn’t what you want, you can tweak that image/thought and create something different.

You can do/be/create ANYTHING when you conquer your thoughts.

Mindfulness is a HUGE part of what I touch on in my face-to-face services. I can dress you up in anything but only you can convince yourself that you’re beautiful, balanced, and enough :).

Every day I get an email in my inbox about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest my desires… deep for the morning?  Yes, but I’m not sure what I’d do without it.

It guides me through my every day and is the quick moment of meditation that I know I’ll have that day…

Some days I actually get to yoga/mediation class or make time in my space at home and I get more, but on days I can’t, these emails are my go-to to recognize my blessings and help cultivate my joy.  Because I say it all the time… WE create our own happiness!

Your improved state of emotion will not be limited to the time that you spend thinking, feeling, and counting your blessings.  It will extend into many of your other waking moments.

When you make a decision to look for positive aspects in the experience that is unfolding right now, you will create an expectation that will allow an immediate manifesting of evidence to support that Vibrational shift. In other words, the more you look for positive aspects of your current life, the more positive aspects will step forward to reveal themselves to you.

The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there. The abundance that you allow is always a perfect match to your expectation.

— Abraham
Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide

I know it’s an evolved and involved way of thinking so I wanted to share a video my sister recently shared with me on mindfulness. Even though it’s a little lengthy, it’s well worth the time.  I’m not sure if this is something you already practice. or is it your first time hearing it? Either way, it’s crossed your path, right now, for a reason, don’t pass up the chance to watch it, absorb it, apply it, and watch it work right before your eyes. 😍

At one of the darkest hours of my life in business, financially and just growing up in general, I was introduced to this way of thinking.  At first, it felt far-fetched, but as I gave it a chance because I had nothing to lose, I grew and expanded, so did everything else in my life, my relationships, career, general outlook, dreams, all of it grew!  That was 21 years ago :). I live my life by these words and actions every. single. day.  I don’t recommend them because they’re popular, I recommend them because I believe this is how our world works and I want to help align as many people as possible.  Some will listen and follow and others will resist.  However you receive this is okay, just know it’s here when you’re ready and that if you embrace it, it will change you and your environment forever.

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xoxo, Kathleen