As I sit in my office today totally surrounded by blowing fans and construction debris I, realized how amazing it is when my work/life balance is in more….Balance!  We’ve had a minor setback here at the ‘ol Watson house.  A little water leak while we were out has resulted in our kitchen remodel being moved up and put into high gear.  Meaning, my house is a wreck and for someone who works from home, its not an easy adjustment.  Finding the time to sit, write, shop, curate and be creative is coming with many obstacles.

It makes me remember one of my favorite ah-ha moments when first studying the law of attraction.

 I realized that Contrast was the most valuable tool you can use on your road to enlightenment. Realizing what you Like and Don’t Like very clearly is #1 when it comes to living an invigorating life.  Ya know the kinda life that makes you wanna burst out of bed everyday!

Being able to adjust when things don’t feel right, or when something becomes… well, not fun.  That’s reason enough to listen to your gut and redirect towards what feels good and energy filled. Once you tune into Contrast, knowing what you like and don’t like, what works and doesn’t work become easy.  Then you can set out on a path filled with the things you love, creating joy, success, peace and balance.  

Balance is KING in my book and you couldn’t arrive at balance without mastering the art of identifying Contrast.

So when I apply all of that to my work/life balance and realize that I don’t like feeling unorganized and disheveled, even though the handy many working says, ma’am can you move all the clothes out of your closet so we can remove the carpet?  I can say….. in my polite voice…..sure, I’ll be right up, and oh, I’ll have it done in 5 minutes (we’re talking 4 seasons worth of clothes…aaaa ya!)  I can do that because after years of practice I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, obstacle or miracle, I’m right where I’m supposed to be.  I find peace in that, I use that as my guide.  I didn’t ask for the toilet to overflow while we were gone and destroy the floor, and I really can’t do anything about it other than what I’m doing, so what I CHOOSE to do is…

GO with the flow.

FLOW with the positives in the situation and work through the negatives quickly.

CHOOSE to still get my work done even though there is plenty other stuff to do.

CHOOSE to still greet the kiddos at the door when they arrive after the bus.

HAVE dinner ready when the hubs gets home, before we take off in separate directions to run the kids all night.

LAUGH when they say, it’ll only take a few days.

TAKE a walk outside when things get too intense.

REGAIN your perspective and don’t act for the moment, act for the outcome.

TRUST that you’re in the right place, making all the right decisions.

LISTEN to your gut/internal voice and let it direct you towards the feel good.

We all make choice everyday, but are you using Contrast to help you navigate to your happy place?  If you’re not, try it!   Next time something makes you wanna roll your eyes or better yet, scream!  Step back, take a look see, and adjust (make a choice) towards what you want more of (the good vibes you were feeling when you just heard your favorite song in the car), not what you want less of (the jerk next to you that was clearly texting while driving and cut you off).  I’m sure when you read that you thought, well yeah, duh!  BUT do you react like that in the heat of the moment?

Tune into yourself and see…. Find the Contrast, Adjust to the Light!