These are time and money saving tips that I use all the time as a busy working mom…

21 Day Fix and Shakeology

The BeachBody 21 Day Fix is my #1 pick for working out!  It covers all the bases from workouts to nutrition to results!  In just 21 days you can see crazy results when you’re committed to both the colored box-portion control meal plans and the daily 30 minute workouts.  With food prepping you really do have your meals, the family meals, and your workouts totally planned, purchased, and prepared for the week.  It makes for a smooth week and happiness everywhere!  We highly suggest it!  

Food Prep 101

Although BeachBody releases a post each week titled Food Prep Mondays, we recommend that you dig into the land of food prepping on Pinterest and other websites because variety is the spice of life, right!  The options and ideas are endless, but when you can pick a few clean meals to make on a Sunday night and then package them in 5-10 containers for the week, your clean meals are taken care of for yourself.  Its pure genius!  You can use your 21 Day Fix containers to portion everything out.  Everything we recommend really works together.  The key to the 21 Day Fix meal plans is…Preparation and food prepping makes it so much easier!  We even have more links and goodies for you on this topic.  Want to learn more?…

Skin Care Maintenance

As working stylists, we get asked all the time what we’re using on our skin.  People are usually shocked when we answer…It’s more like what we’re NOT using on our skin that’s making the difference.  We believe less is more when it comes to products.  Save yourself from too many harsh chemicals for you and your family and buy smart, clean products and pair it with necessary treatments and gadgets that give you the results you want without the chemical exposure that’s glowingly more important to stay away from.