In this post, I want to talk about what you’re telling yourself when you’re pinning things to your Pinterest style board and seeing street style on friends and others. Are you pinning with an intention to recreate and wear the look? When you see a friend in something cute are you saying I can totally pull that off or are you saying you’re so cute, but I could never wear that because I’m _____?

My real question here is: Do you see style you like and know you can recreate it and wear it in your own way? Or do you see style you like and think it’s only for other people? People with more money? Leaner body’s? Or more of a reason to dress nice than what you have?

The points I’m trying to make is that you’re worth wearing WHATEVER SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE!!!

The idea of fashion for utility isn’t very fun and doesn’t make you feel good. How about shifting your perspective to the idea of using fashion to tell a story about you and your personality? When you see an outfit you like you’re saying that is pleasing to the eye and makes me feel a certain way when I see it and I want that for myself. All those things, you’re deserving of! People get caught up on, ‘I don’t have anywhere to wear that to.’ Or ‘I can’t afford to shop right now.’ Or ‘That wouldn’t look good on me.’  When really, its more about seeing something you like, wanting to have it yourself, and being resourceful on ways to get it within your means and time.

Your inner self doesn’t want things that your outer self can’t have…

That’s not the way the universe works. Thing come into your awareness and become a want for a reason. The reason isn’t always apparent but there is a reason so just go with it. Not to get too deep, I just want you to know that when you see things you like, everything you need to have/be/get it is figuroutable!  Dream, seek, be curious and if something has a lasting effect on you, act on it. That pretty purse, bright colored top, perfect fitting jeans, casual daytime outfit, evening gown, whatever! Stretch out of your comfort zone, wear and try new things, go to new places, and breathe the fresh air.

Feel, connect, experience, share!

There’s something about wearing what you love that brings a balanced feeling to everything you do. Don’t let prior thoughts hold you back from taking the chances you want to take. Control + Alt + Delete every thought that doesn’t serve you. AS it comes into your mind, replace it with the opposite thought.  After a while, the negatives will slow and the positives will take over. In that space, from that perspective, you’ll feel that soul on fire feeling I mentioned at the beginning :).  I always say great personal style is about SO MUCH MORE THAN CLOTHES and this is what I’m talking about. When you feel this good, whatever you’re wearing is elevated and so is the energy that surrounds you. Great things happen in this space and great outfits convey that feeling to others creating opportunities for you to flourish and grow.

Ahhhhh it gets me all jazzed and happy just talking about it!!! Find this place guys, you’ll be so glad you did 🙂

I talk a lot about this type of stuff in my DIY Closet Course.  If a style evolution is something you see and you’re ready to take a peek at the course, it’s a great roadmap through the process of creating a closet and life you love! Below is a little bit of my story and how I got to this place.  It wasn’t pretty but the view from here is priceless!

I believe that the Law of Attraction can bring you a lot of peace in life…

About 10 years ago I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.   There were so many things going on that I felt like I was lost in a sea of negative thoughts and happenings. This wasn’t a place I felt empowered or even helpful to anyone. Empowering and helping people are my two passions in life and if I’m not doing either of those two things my mind isn’t quite right. This time, different than others I had involved people I loved, money they loaned me, promises I’d made, and in the end I can honestly say it was the darkest time of my life. BUT!!! (because those of you who know me personally, know I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on what goes wrong in my life)(part of the peace the Law of Attraction taught me) I was determined to get out of that ugly place and thankfully I have the best husband on the planet and he was by my side the whole way so we could come out together. (and stronger than ever I might add) I won’t go into all the details leading up to our discovery, but trust me when I say in consisted of; an out of the blue road trip, an amazing man, a way of life and a suggestion that once we shifted and started thinking and feeling in a certain way changed our life, our marriage, and our relationship forever. So much that since I’ve been living by example, growing in ways that were unimaginable to me then and influencing people with my LOVE FOR LIFE; to think and feel and use the Law of Attraction to bring you peace of mind while you’re on your path. It doesn’t take the place of my belief or faith in God/Higher Power it deepens it. What it does for me is it allows me to live my life confidently by what makes me happy, what makes me feel good and as long as I can feel the gratitude I have for all my blessings that I will continue to be blessed with what I want and what is right for me. I learn every day, therefore I grow every day, and for me, that’s the peace I need to open my heart, my mind and enjoy the ride!

A good place to start is by creating good daily self-talk habits, to build confidence and self-esteem…

What you say to yourself when you’re all alone matters, make it work for you and not against you. Reading books, guided meditation, joining like-minded groups, and gratitude walks all can make a significant difference in how you feel mentally. Getting to a place where you love yourself is important and will help you in so many different ways in your life. Self-acceptance is the most important thing. You’re an amazing person, made to order just the way you are. Embrace that and spend time falling in love with your qualities instead of critiquing them. You are building your confidence and character so create details about yourself that you love and make them true by living by them daily.

This video is a great example of how prior thoughts and feelings about ourselves are still shaping us today.  So think of what you’d say when asked to describe yourself, and see how close you get to the real you!  Change your story, change your outcome!  Share your thoughts, this is a full topic but very worth the time to dig deep and discover if a change in your perspective could move you closer to where you want to be.  Be honest, are your thoughts serving you?  

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xoxo, Kathleen