Picking the perfect holiday outfit comes down to a few details that really make all the difference…

Here are 4 areas you can focus on to make a big impact:

1. Sticking with the colors of the season:

Deeper, darker tones of your favorite holiday colors.

2. Stepping up the glam with statement accessories:

Statement Necklaces, Blacked out Tights, Shoes that make a statement and a gorgeous clutch/handbag

3. Elevating your makeup routine to add drama:

Play up your eye makeup, cheeks and lips

4. Oh and don’t forget a great hairstyle!

Something that’s effortless and chic, no updo’s or anything

If you stick to the “Blacked Out” formula you can add literally ANY skirt you’d like…

Here’s the “Blacked Out” formula:

Black Bootie Heels + Opaque Black Tights + Fitted Black Top (whatever is the best fit for you) + Black Slimming Blazer

Add any skirt of your choice and Wah-La!  You’ve created an instant outfit!  See some of our favorites below…

A Few Tips:

  1. If you choose a fitted skirt you can pull off a blazer at any length.  If you choose a flared or A-Line skirt then pair it with a cropped blazer/jacket (to the natural waist).
  2. When you’re choosing accessories if your ears are exposed (hair pulled back), play that up and add a dramatic earring.  Choose whatever looks best.  If you play up your earrings, then play down your necklace.  If your earrings are smaller, then play up your necklace with a statement piece that really sparkles.
  3. On your makeup, use the #1 trusted tip:  Bold Lip=Lighter Eye Drama OR Bold Eye=Lighter Lip
  4. Make sure to bring the necessities in a small handheld clutch:  eyeliner, lipstick/gloss, powder, and a little liquid highlighter.  Rosespray is a nice touch just in case you add too much powder over the night, plus it smells pretty ?