It’s that time of the year again…the holidays are almost upon us! I love the holiday season because it’s a time to dress up and get a little fancy! Depending on whether you’re hosting and how many parties you have to attend this holiday season (I know for some of can be a lot!), struggling over what to wear is something I can help you with. The holidays are supposed to be a fun celebration—and your outfit should reflect that!

I absolutely love this infographic from Real Simple because it lays out exactly what to wear for all the special occasions coming up on your calendar. From demure and elegant to fancy, fun and colorful as well as more casual and professional looks, there’s descriptions of the exact type of outfit to wear for each occasion. I also LOVE the reminders of what to keep in mind—and the Travel tips at the bottom! Just 5 pieces can help you travel in style.

real simple what to wear

Your turn: What are your favorite special occasion pieces? Let me know in the comments below!