Summer contains all the things I love the most! From cute swimsuits to backyard parties and travelling under the summer sun. I am SO darn excited about all the fun summer activities that are taking place and want to share with you guys some of my go to items for making that fun last!

As you all already know, I am OBSESSED with all things style related. I created a super easy “Summer Guide” for you guys with all my favorite suits, snacks and skin care. This guide will keep you looking and feeling stylish. Make sure you find a swimsuit that fits your body shape. (Don’t know your body shape? No problem! Get my Dressing Your Body Shape Style Guide when you subscribe to my email list). Shop for fun and healthy snacks you can share with your friends and family all summer long. Healthier snacks will keep you feeling great in all that summer sunshine. AND most importantly, take care of your skin and protect in while you have fun in the sun.

Here’s my breakdown of Summer Fun Must-Haves:

Summer Swimsuits:

Depending on your body type, you need to find the perfect suit to fit your style. Don’t know your body shape? No problem! Get my Dressing Your Body Shape Style Guide when you subscribe to my email list. I love this guide! It offers tips on styles to embrace or avoid based on your shape, do’s and don’ts for your body shape and lots of photos of people killin’ it just like you can be! So, get into a stylish swimsuit that will love your body just as much as you do!

  • Hourglass: Halter tops, Tie-side bottoms, matching tops and bottoms
  • Apple-Shaped: Printed bottoms and dark tops
  • Athletic: Prints are your friend!
  • Pear-Shaped: Dark bottoms and printed tops

Summer Snacks: 

Check out these recipes for some of my favorite summer must-have snacks.

Summer Skin Care:

I love all-natural skin care products because I believe in keeping my body as healthy as possible. I can’t recommend the Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Products enough. Check out this great video on this line of skin protection products!

Here are my favorite summer standbys you can wear all summer long to protect your gorgeous healthy skin!

Do you love products just as much as I do? Looking for more product inspiration? Don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered. I love products so much so that I created a list of EVERYTHING I love to use. Peak my full list of products I LOVE right here.

Now that you have the secrets for my Summer Fun Must-Haves, you gotta get out and enjoy the summer season in style!