Getting ready for Fall photos?  Have party invites but nothing to wear?  Let me help you Style Your Guy like I helped Mike…

Meet Mike

Mike is a physician who gets to wear scrubs every day but he dreams of a stylish, foolproof closet that he can use when he’s enjoying his evenings, weekends and traveling.  I met with him to go through his closet and create outfits from what he has and make a list of things he could add.  I decided to share some of my notes with you to give you a little glimpse inside what I do for clients.  I try to keep it simple and very personalized.  Mike is a laid back, easy going guy, so so should his wardrobe.  Now, he feels confident to pull outfits on his own using the tips he learned from our time together.
Take a look, I think it will help you style your guy for the holidays, or if you’re a guy and you’re reading this, it’ll help you style yourself! lol! 🙂  Enjoy! xo

Focus on 3 capsules (a capsule is a collection of pieces you can mix-n-match without having to search your whole closet):

  1. A Navy/Browns/Natural Tones Capsule for Work
  2. A Black/Grey/White Capsule for Work
  3. A Mixed Plaid/Leisure Pant Capsule for Playing
Separate them into 3 sections in your closet so they are easier to pair.  Just remember that you’re looking for 3 pieces in each outfit; Basic/Interest Top, Basic Pant, Completer Piece (Depending on temps:  Button Up/Unbuttoned, Sport Coat, Thin or Zip Sweater or Vest)

Image result for warm and cool color paletteHere are color examples:

Warm is your Navy Capsule and Cool is your Black Capsule.  You can mix capsules but be careful to stick with the same base colors: navy or black and have a contrast that’s distinct.  No chocolate and black and dark navy and black.  If you stay within each capsule, its mistake-proof 🙂

This is what we decided was missing from your closet, which becomes your shopping list.

This list below is a quick reference of what you’re looking for and below it is a shoppable photo of options that I think work best.  There are multiple pages to the shoppable photos so make sure to use the arrows to look at each page.  I chose items at different price points which is why you see so many.  You are only looking for 1 of everything on the shopping list.  No need for 5 pairs of boots. 🙂  When you click the photo you’ll be taken to the retailer’s website to check out.  What I’ve chosen comes from multiple retailers so if you’re short on time and would like me to do the purchasing I’d be happy to.  Just email me at with your budget and we can talk details that way.  If you decide to shop on your own that’s perfectly fine too.  Make sure to use the handy Sales Alert Tool (the heart below each item) if you like something but want to wait until it goes on sale!  It’ll email you and it’s so easy!

Shopping List:

  • Navy Sport Coat
  • Tan Natural Sport Coat
  • Black Sport Coat
  • Black based printed Button Ups-small/tiny prints
  • Navy based printed Button Ups-small/tiny prints
  • Dark Denim Straight Leg Jeans
  • Cognac Lace Up Boots
  • Cognac Belt
  • Navy Polo Type Shirt
  • Thin Sweaters:  Navy, Grey, Black, Oatmeal
  • Denim Shirt Button Up