Skin Fact: Anything and everything you put on your skin is in every vital organ within 30 seconds. 

Make wise choices when you pick the products you decide to put on your skin every day. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are lowering your toxin exposure and feeding your body healthy ingredients that aren’t foreign to it. Foreign ingredients will take much longer for your body to process, if at all. You can still match your skin tone color with brands like Arbonne that offer whole lines of natural skincare and makeup products. 

A natural sun-kissed look is my favorite and it’s a look that I recommend to almost all my clients, unless you need makeup for a special occasion like a dinner date or a wedding. 

My typical clients are everyday women busy managing their households, working or running errands. None of these women need to be wearing thick, heavy makeup that can clog your pores or irritate your skin. Instead, I recommend enhancing your natural beauty and building from there. 

Every now and then you may want or need to wear a bit more makeup than you normally would. In those cases, I recommend playing with a darker eye shadow or a richer lip color. Don’t add anything different to your face or your base steps. Keep those simple. PLUS, if you are using good quality skin care and clean your face regularly, then you won’t need much makeup and your makeup will look its best because you aren’t trying to cover up irritations or blemishes. 

No matter how old you are, you want to start each day with a clean face and neck. On top of that you want to add a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. Doing this step is important. The SPF protects your skin daily, and the moisturizer will allow the next steps to look and blend better. If you don’t need makeup that day, you’ve still got a beautiful clean face. In my opinion, I consider tinted moisturizer a skin care step, not a makeup step. 

Keep as many steps in your daily makeup routine cream based. Cream based products won’t leave your skin feeling dusty or matted. Your face will thank you because your skin will be able to breath and you’ll have a more natural glow to your look. 

OK, once you’ve cleaned your face and added a tinted moisturizer with SPF, you want to do a quick brush over with a mineral based loose powder or a translucent powder. Be sure to apply lightly and quickly, in circular motions. This is key if you want to avoid the powder from setting, especially if you have aged skin. I like to use loose mineral based powder because it contains natural SPF properties. You also achieve a certain glow from the minerals. They are crushed a specific way and give you a non-glittery look. A little secret tip of mine is to purchase a mineral powder in a shade just a bit darker than your skin to use as a bronzer to contour your face in a subtle and natural way. 

Woman having makeup applied

Now that you’ve set a base, you want to add some color to your face. I recommend a cream blush, so it doesn’t create too much shine. You don’t want to look overly oily or greasy. Pick a blush color that matches the color of your lips. Sometimes you can even use the same product on your lips and your cheeks! To do this you want to add a lipstick to your palm on the fat below your thumb and rub them together. Next, put a happy smile on your face and lightly blot the apples of your cheeks it. Blot until you achieve your desired color. (Just remember, lighter is always better with blush)

The last step in your simple daily makeup routine is to focus on your eyes. Line your eyes with eyeliner …top and bottom, just top, just bottom…whatever you’re style is. Finish with a mascara that separates and pulls drama to your eyes. Avoid clumpy looking eyelashes. Create a look where your eyes are your most pronounced feature. You want people to be drawn to your eyes and then your lips. This is a very natural, yet sexy and wearable look at any age.   Have fun playing with the steps and don’t forget to smile!!!