Here at Style School KC, I’m focused on four things: mind, body, style, and skin. This week I want to focus in on the BODY. Because it’s really the ultimate factor in how you feel about yourself. No matter what outfit you choose, if you don’t care for your body too, you’ll never feel as great as I know you can! Which is why I want to focus on some self-care tips for the body this week.

Here are my top 3 body self-care tips:

1. Start taking baths.
I can’t emphasize this one enough! The benefits of taking a bath for your body are so numerous. It’ll help you unwind, destress, and clear your mind. It helps your skin, and it helps all the systems that need a recharge. Throw in some epsom salts or essential oils for an extra boost.

2. Take a walk.
Even if you don’t love the idea of working out every single day, going for a walk outside is one of the best things you can do for your body. The fresh air, stretching your legs, and being in nature will make your body feel refreshed and good as new.

3. Schedule in a rub.
I know this is a luxury that we can’t always afford every week, but even once or twice a year is enough to get the benefits of a massage. Massage is so wonderful for the body and helps to work out toxins, relax you, and give you an overall sense of wellbeing that your body craves.