Not only is exercise the best things for your physical body but mentally it charges the body positively too.

If you aren’t happy with what you see, get serious about what it is and what you’re willing to do to remedy the situation.  Sitting and thinking of how bad it is is the WORST things you can do.  Be proactive and work towards a physical place that makes you feel good.

Whether it’s running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking,  lifting or you join a class to become a part of a group of woman who are there to support each other it doesn’t matter.  Anything is better than nothing.  So if it means doing a list of exercises while you watch TV then do it.  Once you get to feeling your best then taking care of the skin you have will be so much more fun!  Plus you deserve to love looking at yourself and be proud that you take the time to make sure you’re living a healthy life that shows.

Exercise is just one side of the External Body coin; the other side is all about the products you put on that beautiful birthday suit during and after every shower.

This is a point of major focus for me.  People think losing weight is THE ONLY way they’ll feel great about their physical body.  We’re here to tell you, not so much!  When you have touchable, supple skin, there’s nothing like it and you either want to touch it or somebody else is!  A well exfoliated body free of ingrown hairs, bumps and dry skin is just a few product adjustments away.

Most clients that I talk with about this think its hereditary or it comes with age, sometimes, maybe, but most times not. It comes from the nasty buildup main stream drugstore brands/department store counter products that are formulated to say all the right things, and list ingredients and technology that do all the right things, but they do it to turn a big buck (to pay for all that fancy advertising and models) and with that they make sacrifices and choices to save money in production to market it at a price you’ll actually pay so the formula and end results suffer.  Its sad, but its the nature of the industry and without any Federal regulation they can put anything they want in the products.  So again, that’s why to us, this list is gold.  You don’t have to be the guinea pig, we were, we tried and tested it all and from where we’re standing we’re saying, ITS ALL GOOD!