For many years, I tried loads and loads of products on my skin. When I owned a salon, I had access to the best products on the market, and I have tested out pretty much everything under the sun. As life went on, I started to only prefer products that worked well AND were made from clean ingredients. There was no point to me in using products if they weren’t totally beneficial to my body.

That’s when I stumbled upon my absolute FAVORITE products. I’ve now been recommending these products for the past 15 years! Mainly because they are pure, safe and beneficial. Because that is ultimately, what is most important to me.

After using these products for over a decade, I now truly love my skin. Every time I wash and cleanse my face and body, I am reminded of the journey I’ve been on and the choice I make, every day, to give my body clean and healthy products that it needs.

So, here is my list of all the products I have tried and tested, and that I personally use every. single. day. They are made from pure botanicals. And the BEST part is I have these products ordered automatically – so I don’t even have to think about it and will never run out of anything I need. I hope this list helps you and these products bring you as much joy and happiness as they bring me!