Mixing prints can be kind of tricky! When I work with clients I introduce how to do it in phases, that way you can dip a toe in to start, and when you’re ready, take the concept even deeper. Here are 6 tips to start and a great visual tool to help you try it at home.  The examples below are of outfits I think are perfectly balanced and fun!

6 Tips to Start Trying…

  1. Choose one print to dominate and one as an accent.
  2. Mix prints of different scales.
  3. Keep your fabrics in the same color family.
  4. Pick two different prints that share a single color.
  5. Pair mixed prints with neutrals for an easy vibe.
  6. If you want to use the same pattern, invert the colors.



Do you mix prints or are you intimidated to try? Be honest, there’s no wrong answer

xoxo, Kathleen