In this post, I want to touch on how pairing a week’s worth of outfits on a Sunday night can make your mornings stress free and fun again.  If you’re a busy woman with a busy schedule and dread the daily grind of pairing outfits then these videos are for you!

Follow This 10 Step Checklist For Stylish, Stress-Free, Outfit Pairing Success…

  1. Do all your laundry
  2. Put it away in your closet using the Instant Outfits Formula
  3. Look at your schedule for the next week
  4. Pull an item from your closet that you’d want to wear for each event on your calendar (ex: work x 5, girls night, soccer games, church)
  5. Once you have 1 piece per event pull the other 2 pieces using the Instant Outfits Formula
  6. Pair each outfit together on a hanger and hang them in the order you’ll wear them
  7. Add the outfits accessories and hang in a baggie on the hangar or have your accessory sets nearby in the mornings
  8. Each morning, pull the outfit you had planned (go with it, don’t change it up last minute, remember how good you felt when you picked it out the first time)
  9. Accessorize it
  10. Create a look with your hair and makeup that complements the outfit, season, and what you’re about to do, and GO, GIRL!

This method on a Sunday night after grocery shopping, food prepping will make your week run so smooth. It’s going to seem like extra effort but once you’re done and have experienced the benefits it’ll become part of your weekend routines, no big deal.

Think about it, you already plan meals, grocery shop, do laundry. What’s the difference in time and effort if you plan and grocery shop for clean meals and when you’re putting laundry away hang it categorized by basic, interest and completer and instead of giving Keeping Up With The Kardashians 100% of your attention, you pulled and accessorize outfits for the week at the same time? Uh-huh, you’re picking up what I’m laying down now… its worth it! 

Watch below to see 2 week’s worth of instant outfits come together effortlessly!

Now you try it!  This Sunday night pull your outfits for the week and see how smooth your week goes. Share your thoughts in the comments or in our Style School Insiders Facebook Group. What worked, what didn’t, and maybe even pics of the outfits that got you the most compliments. I know you received some! 🙂

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xoxo, Kathleen