I hope this gives you a glimpse of what working with me looks like. Building capsule wardrobes for my clients is so much fun. I want you to look and feel your best! It’s like creating roadmaps for people who’ve trusted me enough to share who they are and how they envision their highest self. So many people hold off working with a personal stylist because they don’t know what the process will be like.  They’re not sure they want to open themselves up to something so personal without knowing what to expect.  I totally get it!

What I recommend is starting in your closet, even if you don’t think there’s anything salvageable, you’ll be surprised what a fresh set of eyes can pull out and put together.  I can save you money by shopping your closet first – every time! And after we go through your closet, I help you shop for all the right pieces to create your personal capsule wardrobe!

Step 1:

I will have you fill out a Personal Style Profile to get the process going. This lets me get to know you and fills me in on your life. Essentially, it’s a starting off point for all my services. After I receive your Personal Style Profile, I sit down and read through it. I love to take notes and will make any needed recommendations.

This next part is so fun! I create a private Pinterest board that I share with only you. This is where we can collaborate and create an outfit dream board customized to you and your style. First, I’ll start pinning based on your Personal Style Profile and share it with you. I’ll have you do the same and share it with me. If you already gave a style board on Pinterest, I can browse through this board too. I’m a visual person, and a picture can speak a thousand words for me. It’s the best way to see what styles, colors and looks you naturally gravitate towards. Personal style is all about YOU! It’s about wearing what you like. I want to see what you like and then I’ll pair that with my vision based on your style.

I send a welcome email with your private board link and the next steps. I’ll send you a schedule to make an appointment to meet or talk online via Zoom if we aren’t working locally together.

When we have our meeting, I’ll share your profile notes and recommendations. We’ll talk personally about your wants and needs and create an end goal together. I offer tools to reach your goals (services, my eBook, shopping lists, outfit samples, videos, downloads and worksheets), that I custom fit to you depending on what services fit you best. Once we know where we are headed, we can get going! It can be a bit tougher to go through your closet if we are meeting online so I ask you to get out your favorite go to outfits at the time, what you wear to work, and what you like to wear for a casual day, evening or weekend. If we are meeting locally, I go through everything in your closet! NO JOKE! I want to see everything. I’ll bring my suggested shopping list to check off items you already have. What we don’t check off is what we shop for! While going through your closet, I will purge what doesn’t serve you, organize the clothing we are keeping using my trusty instant outfit formula, and lastly pair outfits with what’s left in your wardrobe. This is an eye-opening experience, and many of my clients say it’s their favorite part!! It’s not unheard of to pair 10+ outfits at our first meeting. You haven’t even gone shopping at this point! The last thing we will do is establish a wardrobe budget and schedule a date to shop!

After our 1st meeting I create an online wardrobe for you. I’ll compile an online shopping list with links that you can shop. If you’d rather me do the shopping, I can do this and have the items shipped to your home. This is where your future wardrobe comes to life! I will follow up by posting a private blog post to my website that recaps our first meeting and provides a link to our Private Pinterest Board and to your Online Shopping List.

Step 1 is about 2-3 hours of service time.

Step 2:

It’s time to go shopping! The next time we meet will be our shopping day. We will be looking for the top priorities on your outfit list until your budget runs out. If you’re local we can go to any store you’d like, or I can make some choices. It’s so much fun if you are local because we get to shop together! Shopping together ensures that the outfits you purchase fit well, match your style, and that the colors work. Plus, you get to take your new outfits home the same day. Whoohoo!

If we are working together online, then I do the shopping for you. The gratification is a bit delayed, but nonetheless still wonderful! If you are doing the shopping on your own, then you can do that whenever you like after our first meeting. Just stick to your list and your budget. If I am shopping for you, I fill your online shopping carts with items, while trying to minimize the number of different retailers so you save on shipping and tracking the orders. I’ll verify/remove items in carts until I’ve finalized what to buy to stay in your budget. I account for my fee, shipping costs and tax additions when shopping for my online clients. I place all orders together and will print receipts to keep a hard record of purchases made. When your orders start arriving, I check them in and keep all packing lists and return labels organized in case of returns.

I also keep you updated with a follow-up email to notify you when to expect packages and to schedule another online meeting for a fitting appointment via Zoom.

Step 2.5 (online clients only):

The next time we chat will be on fitting day! I will have you lay out everything we purchased, and I will have you try everything on! We will make note of which items you want to keep, and which items need to be returned or exchanged. I will help you pair outfits and accessorize them based on the original pins we added to your private Pinterest board. Our ultimate goal is to create a collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. I like to take lots of pictures to use as future reference. Keep these photos near your closet for easy access when you are trying to remember what outfits we paired after you have washed them and put them away using my organization method. I also save these photos on Google Drive for future reference, too. After fitting day, I process all returns/exchanges and email you letting you know when to expect the new packages or if we must order new items. I will also provide the link to Google Drive that has your photos and will add new items to your online shopping list and delete the items returned. If we need to do a second fitting, I will include times to schedule in another Zoom meeting.

Step 2 is roughly 20 hours of service time (this is money well spent when you have 100% completed wardrobe tailored to your style).

Step 3:

This is where we finalize all new pieces and outfits. I will take photos of as many combinations as possible. If we are working locally, doing this fitting at your home is great. I will be able to help incorporate the new items we purchased with your keeper items we left in your closet. Organizing these outfits is key! I will help you organize in a way that makes putting outfits together effortless once I am gone. If we are working together online, we do all this through Zoom.

Step 3 is 2-3 hours of service time.

To wrap things up, I will send a recap email with all our important links listed. Please continue pinning outfits you love and want to recreate for yourself. I also encourage you to use the photos I take of you during your fitting day, so you never forget an outfit. You will also get an invitation to my private Facebook group where all my clients continue to share their outfits, questions and comments after they have been serviced. I’m really proud of this community and excited to watch it grow. I also use this group to share a little about how I use Social Media to share content, so be on the lookout for my freebie information too! And lastly, I will always be available via Messenger for quick questions from my dressing room.

I hope this gives you some insight into what working with me looks like and creates some ease for you on your capsule wardrobe journey. If I can be of any more help, please let me know!

Cheers to achieving the best version of you!