For so many of us, the holidays season involves endless to-do lists, filled calendars and it seems we’re all short on time.  This holiday season, I want to share some wonderful tips and tricks to help you pull everything together. From decor to entertainment to food, there are so many fun and cute things you can try out that will make your life easier AND make your holidays more joyful and less stressful!

I can ALWAYS use a smaller side of stress…

Plan ahead

Create your menu at least a few weeks in advance. One thing to always remember is to include variety in your menu planning, so that way, everyone’s dietary needs are met. You can even ask your guests to bring dishes and contribute. One cool idea is to try food stations, instead of a sit-down meal. By putting food at different tables, it keeps your guests circulating and offers a more casual and fun vibe! Check out these fun holiday recipes ideas…

Stick with your favorites

You know those dishes that everyone always loves? Stick with them! Think easy, no stress crowd pleasers. Making big batches of seasonal stew and soups is one option. And remember, not everything has to be made from scratch. A simple charcuterie board is a wonderful appetizer everyone will love. Another option is to cook the main dishes and buy the sides.

Ask for help

Get a family member to come over and help you decorate and prep food. Ask the kids to help you put together dessert. Think of ways you can ask for help—and then get people on board to help you!

Get some R&R

Even though the holidays are a joyful time, it’s also stressful to clean, plan, prep and serve all your guests. Schedule in some downtime for yourself. Get a massage, take a bath, read a book. Do whatever you need to do in order to relax and destress before and after the holidays. Make self-care a priority and you’ll enjoy the holidays so much more.


There’s nothing I love more than decorating for the holidays. Putting decorations up both in and outside the home can really elevate your mood and get you in the holiday spirit.

Place Settings

Taking the time to make your table beautiful really makes a big difference. It lets your guests know that you want them to feel special. It’s all in the details! I love these ideas and can’t wait to try them out.


I love putting together adorable holiday recipes—and making some healthy too! Here are a few of my favorites. If you have gluten-free members in your family, there are some easy recipes that are just as good as the real thing. And you can’t go wrong with these adorable appy and dessert ideas! Happy cooking!

And to keep you on track, I created this timeline to help you get all your holiday things together:

Early November – Plan your gift giving approach in time for holiday sales and shoot a fall photo for your Christmas card

Mid-November – Make sure the house is ready for guests.  Change the sheets, add some candles, stock the house with extras from paper towels to healthy snacks.

November 22nd – Happy Thanksgiving

November 23rdBlack Friday Shopping – Don’t miss out on the deals!  Check back for sales updates and alerts!

November 24th & 25th – Put up Christmas Decorations

November 26thCyber Monday Shopping – More deals to be had online all day!

November 29th – Order your Christmas cards, stamps and envelopes

Early December – Send your Christmas cards out to your nearest and dearest

December 3rd & 4th – Plan your holiday outfits for events, parties and all around holiday festivities!  Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration

December 15 – Get your place settings ready and order what you’re missing

December 17th – Complete your online shopping to ensure delivery in time

December 20 – Kids are out of school!  Plan some holiday family-fun like, ice skating, holiday movie, group shopping for an adopted family or any other fun event you can find!

December 24 – Christmas Eve

December 25th – Christmas Day

I hope these tips + trick and inspiration help you to feel at peace with your holiday!  Dig in, accept what is and have the best holiday season you can!  I truly can be the most wonderful time of year!