As busy moms you know the drill, everyone is ALWAYS hungry…

It’s hard to balance all the prep, cooking and cleaning up for a family and in the mix, you seem to completely swap “healthy” with “quick”.  It’s a never ending cycle and we get it.  BUT everything is figureoutable and we have a fabulous solution for you.

Food Prepping.  I know you’ve heard of it, probably even considered it once, but motivation held you back…

It doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it can be woven into when you’re already cooking and in the end will save you time, money and calories!

Here’s a list of everything I use to stay on track food wise.  I love food, healthy and unhealthy so for me, it’s all about keeping a balance and really understanding that the body changes more in the kitchen than in the gym.  Meaning, watch what flies in the hole!  It matters 🙂  Do what you can to balance it out, eat all food groups, keep good proportions and change it up often.

This is why food prep is so life-changing.  You can cook once and eat for days on those efforts.  You can try different recipes week to week and instead of eating 3 cups of it in one night, eat 1 cup of it for 3 night instead.  Its little trade-offs that pay off in the end.

These are the things I use that make it all come together:

Shakeology: $140/mo.
Drink 1 a day in place of a meal or snack.  Tastes great, won’t bloat you.
Helps turn fat to muscle, keeps you fuller longer and gives you tons of energy.

21 Day Fix:  $60
30 minute Daily at home workouts with portion control meal plan and portion control containers
Lock yourself in your room for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week and you’ll seriously see quick results when you also follow the simple portioned food plan. Promise.

Food Prep Monday’s on the BeachBody Blog:
Every Monday you’ll see a fresh take on weekly Meal Prepping.  Different recipes, ideas and ways to cut time, cost and waste.  It’s great!

Recipes on Pinterest for 21 Day Fix Approved Meals
You’d be surprised how inventive people get.  Some of your favorite recipes are re-made using the portions and food options from the 21 Day Fix.  I’m on Pinterest every Friday making my food plan and list for my Sunday food preps.  (yes, I prep on Sundays)  Check out our Stylish Food Board to find ones you’d like too. Variety is key.

OR, if you want it all planned out for you and grocery lists made…rely on Skinny Mom!

Food Prep Containers:  $20
So you can cook 1 day a week and eat on plan 7 days a week.  They’re essential.

Pack-It Frozen Lunch Bag: $19.50
This keeps your food cold all day long and makes it easy to keep healthy snacks handy.

Okay I know it looks like a lot but its really not…

Grocery shop, food prep, find 30 minutes to work out and drink your Shakeology+Go-Yin every day.  Wake up 45 mins earlier, workout on an empty stomach and drink your Shakeology while you’re getting ready.  Grab your breakfast container, snacks and lunch container and put them in the pack-it bag so they stay cold all day.  Then just eat dinner with the family and enjoy your night.

I do the 21 Day Fix 10 min Abs before bed a few times a week and I sleep like a baby.  The hardest part is waking up early but you won’t have any distractions so its a perfect time.  If you can sneak in a 5-minute meditation afterward 3 times a week, do it, life-changing!  Here’s the one I love, try it and tell me what you think… Brad Austen: Grounding Meditation.  He even has more if you like his voice like I do…

The reason I’m recommending all of this is because finding a “routine” that works for you is the key to clean, healthy eating all the time.  Truly making eating healthy a lifestyle habit.

The food prepping and at home workouts make this a long-term doable routine that you can always use, so its money well spent.   The Shakeology and Go-Yin get your body jiving the right way, encouraging you bodies healthiest state.  If that means losing weight, you will, but if you’re already fit, then this plan will keep you there and allow you to break through a plateau or state of boredom.

Trust me, this is a good collection that’ll show on the scale.

The only other things u need are hand weights and a yoga mat.

How I do it and what it looks like:

The way I like to do my food prepping is a Sunday evening BBQ night with the family.  I pick up my favorite meat, veggies, and fruit from the grocery store (chicken breasts, shrimp, kabobs, salmon, green beans, broccoli, grapes, strawberries, watermelon ) and add hamburgers to the mix.  My hubby grills all the meat at once, I steam the veggies and wash and tear the romaine lettuce.  We eat the hamburgers for dinner that night and I fill my 10-14 containers with what’s left.  I store them in my garage fridge and grab the containers for lunch and dinner and depending on what’s on the menu that week, sometimes breakfast.  Other than those 3 meals I have a Shakeology and 2 pieces of fruit as snacks.  I’m full, it’s easy and it’s balanced.