All the rage these days in home decor, thanks to Mrs. Joanna Gaines, is everything Farmhouse Chic!  A nice mix of tradition, industrial and country come together to make a super cozy space that just relaxes you but keeps your eyes fed!  Recently, I worked with a client on updating her home decor and this was what she wanted.  It was so fun that I thought I’d share what her final color palette and accessories inspiration was so that if Farmhouse Chic is in your upcoming home decor plans you can use these ideas as a guide!  Putting together outfits is a lot like decorating your home.  With a little guidance and inspiration, you can recreate anything that you see, on your budget!  Flexible and fun and with the holidays approaching, its a great time to update your everyday decor for dinners and parties.  Take a look:

Color Palette for Walls (accessories, furniture, decor)

Choosing colors from both palettes for walls+furniture+decor+accessories will give you so many options and will all coordinate.  Now when you’re shopping if you see something you like, and it coordinates with these colors and the farmhouse chic theme, then it’ll work.  Don’t overthink or over plan, just keep layering your house with things you love and make you happy.  Knowing your colors takes all the doubt out of decorating.  Its the same for clothes, but that’s a story for another post 🙂

Overall Look + Accessory Inspo (rugs, lighting, furniture, pillows, curtains, nick nack decor)

These are the holy grail!  What you see in these six pics is what you’re trying to reinvent for your home.  Based on likes, dislikes, color, style, space, all of it, this marry’s together everything you like and want and you can totally pull this off for a SUPER FRESH FEEL!  If an idea or piece of something catches your attention but wouldn’t fit in these six pics, pass and stay the course for the overall look you’re going for.  It’s easy to get off course and then have a design mess to deal with plus its more expensive.  You really don’t need as much as you probably think you do.  You can use some of the same decor you have, mixed in with the new.  This will give it new life and chances are, you already love it!  Just make sure it fits your aesthetic…

Green Wall Inspo

You can do mid to dark green on this wall.  Using a wall hanging (canvas, quote or curtain) with the color of the wall in it as a guide will make it easy to keep it cohesive.  I would go as deep as you can stand so that it’s bold!  Then lighten the feel with natural woods, fresh greenery, white trim and natural light!

Navy Wall Inspo

I’m sharing these two pics for example of the wall color to window trim with no curtains.  I like that part but want you to notice that the dining chairs+table setting+fireplace+couch+pillows+decor+rug and how safe they are.  And it shows. Makes you feel bored.  If uber simple is your jam, go for it, but consider stretching outside your box even just a little…
Because, look at this pic, which is the opposite end of the spectrum, very bold, but its pretty and gets your attention.  Makes you feel happy!  Not only that, but it also allows you opportunities to mix colors and prints to create a space that’s open to anything you like and want to add over time.  Layering your home in art, pieces, prints, and textures you love is where the warmth comes from.  Its homey to you and that’s what’s most important.  When you don’t stick to such a simple color palette you can be flexible and the outcome has more of a mixed but friendly feel.  Pulling out pops of color in your decor pieces that match/coordinate with your accent walls is a great way to keep the rest neutral and light.  It’s not boring but also it’s not overwhelming to the eye or going to make your rooms too dark.  Keep it mixed and full of light!
That’s why I chose these two for the final Muse or Inspo for the overall look and feel of the rooms on the main level.  Its a nice balance between the two, it gives you a guide to reinvent it for yourself and it combines all the things you’re drawn to; cozy, colorful, farmhouse chic with a classic touch.  The mixed look of white trim, shiplap, printed rugs/curtains, and bright accessories results in a gorgeous, bright space that still has some of the rugged textures you love in the farmhouse look without losing a cozy, classic feel…  And the mix of kitchen chairs from wicker to metal says it all!!  This will look truly beautiful when it’s done…

Shiplap is Essential

Shiplap areas that will make a big impact like a kitchen wall, above fireplace or end of a hallway or landing.  I recently did a few spaces in my home and love the results!  I have leftovers and am dreaming up of a way to use them in my kitchen.  This brand from Lowes is incredibly easy to install and is ready to go out of the box!  I spend less than $150 on the wall you see in the last pic!  Yes, more expensive than paint, but so much more custom…  

Shop for Farmhouse Decor:

The idea is to get a nice mix of textures and styles.  I love the mix of wood, stone, industrial, repurposed materials, metal and last but not least… COLOR!