A little tip to know is…anything and everything you put on your skin is in every vital organ in 30 seconds.

Choosing your daily products wisely give you the peace of mind knowing you’re lowering your toxin exposure and giving your body healthy ingredients it identifies and knows what to do with, instead of cheap fillers and man-made ingredients that are foreign to our bodies and take more time to process, if it processes it at all.  You can still get great colors with clean ingredients. Arbonne has a whole line and sometimes even has them paired in set for you to make matching shades even easier!

I like to recommend a natural, sun kissed look to nearly everyone, unless its a special occasion.

The people I work with are everyday woman, running errands, working or managing their households.  None of these personalities require an entire face of thick pore clogging makeup everyday.  I recommend enhancing what God gave you and building from there.

There are times where people need a little more and in those cases I recommend just darkening your eye shadow and lip colors.  Nothing different to your face or base steps.  If you are using quality skin care and taking care of your face regularly then your makeup will look best and you won’t need as much of it.

So no matter how old you are you want to start with a clean face and neck and end with a  tinted moisturizer with an SPF.  This will allow the next steps to look and blend better and if you don’t need makeup that day you’re still clean faced, a little concealed and protected.  I consider tinted moisturizer a skin care step, not a makeup step.  Keeping as many steps in your makeup routine to cream based is best.  It doesn’t leave the skin dusty or matte looking, it allows your skin to breathe and glow and that’s always prettiest.

Next, you want to do a quick brush all over of a Mineral Based loose powder or a translucent powder.  Both can get caught in aging skin’s wrinkles but if applied lightly, in quick circular motions you can avoid it settling.  I prefer the loose mineral powder most because of its natural SPF properties and the way the crushed micronized minerals give you a non-glittery glow.  If you want to use a mineral powder in a little darker of a shade you can use it as a bronzer and contour the face a little.  If not, a shade in your skin color will do great and you can just layer it if you decide you’d like a contoured look.

To add color to the face I like a cream blush so it doesn’t get to shiny looking.  Going with a color that mimics your lips is best.  Sometimes you can even use the same product in both places.  Apply a lipstick to your palm on the fat below your thumbs, smile and lightly blot to the apples of your cheeks until its dark enough for your liking.  Remember, lighter is always better with blush.

Lastly, line your eyes, top and bottom, just top, just bottom, whatever you like and finish with a mascara that separates and pulls drama to your eyes.  Create a look where your eyes are the most pronounced feature, then lips.  This look is natural, sexy and wearable at any age!