Our homes speak as representation of who we are. The way we set-up and design our homes is in direct correlation to our personal style and what we choose to wear. One day we may feel like dressing up and others we may feel like dressing down. Each outfit is a unique representation of who we are and what we are feeling. One day we may feel like cleaning for hours to enjoy a squeaky-clean house while others, we don’t care that the laundry is piled 10 feet high.

In our homes, we get to create a space that suits our needs, satisfies our thirst for creation and exemplifies our style, among other things.

Creating a “Zen Space” in your home is a great way to focus on a small area of your home and design it with the word “peace” in mind. It’s a place where you can create to look at time and time again and amidst your crazy schedule and lifestyle, look at it and feel a sense of calm take over your mind.

It can be a simple barn wood sofa table (like this one!) with a unique Buddha head statue (like this one!) and your favorite painting. You can add your favorite candles and candle holders, as well as other special pieces to you.

Or you can create a more elaborate space by incorporating a bench or love seat with handmade pillows from India (check out your local HomeGoods store for pieces like this!) It can be a small corner of your bedroom fully equipped with a meditation pillow, candles, crystals and special items you’ve picked up along your path. It can be a nurturing place, that you’ve created, that you can go to at anytime to nurture you back to joy and peace and mental soundness.

A “Zen Space” is a wonderful focal point that you can rest your eyes on, or get cozy in, while your entire house may be in shambles… you know you can always rely on this little piece of beauty that was created by Y-O-U!

There are no rules or restrictions, it’s your beauty space to bring into creation!

What type of personal space in your home would bring you peace and joy? What items would make you ultra-happy to see everyday? What purpose can your space serve for you? How can you bring it to life?