This is probably one of my favorite topics because there are so many mixed messages out there when it comes to looking and feeling great and how they are related.  About 9 years ago I was sitting in a class about toxin awareness, product ingredients and how to become a label reader.

What I learned in that class shaped how I would live my life forever!

I was 23 when this happened and as many young woman at 23 I had no idea about this stuff and didn’t give a thought to what I put On and In my body on a daily basis.  After a few hours I realized that even though I LOVE my magazines and all the ads that come with them, I couldn’t trust anything marketing wise when it came to making my decision on what products best suited me.  The ads make claims and have pictures that are unrealistic and don’t really show the true results of their products.  Anyone can conduct studies that when done on enough people show positive results. Instead of getting frazzled and frustrated I decided to take the challenge and opportunity to learn as much as I could, try as much as I could get my hands on and become a true voice on this topic that you could know, love and trust.

That’s what it took for me to finally arrive at the list of go-to products I recommend in my services and on this site.

A little tip to know is…anything and everything you put on your skin is in every vital organ in 30 seconds, choosing your daily products wisely gives you the peace of knowing you’re lowering your toxin exposure and giving your body healthy ingredients it identifies and know what to do with, instead of cheap fillers and man-made ingredients that are foreign to our bodies and take more time to process, if it processes it at all.

Having touchable skin that breaths and glows is a very attractive quality and you can have it no matter how damaged you think your skin is.  Your skin is your largest organ and the only skin you’ll get so taking care of it is very important.  Because when it comes time for gravity to do its thing you want to have strong skin that’s ready to fight back.  The name of the game is hydration and never losing it.

This is huge when it comes to ingredients.

In order for your skin to accept and benefit from what your applying it can’t contain any ingredient that disrupts the natural process of the skin.  When its disrupted it can’t properly grow, shed and glow like its supposed to.  Mainstream product ingredients are made to turn a buck and give you short lived results.  A moisturizer that does its job properly hydrates the surface layer but also delivers deep into the skin so that as your body naturally exfoliates every 28 days its surfacing a nice hydrated layer of skin and not one that’s more damaged than the one you just shed.  Its a cycle and your skin operates very well on its own, with ingredient conscious products that work with the skin.  Pass up on drugstore/department store brands and make an adjustment to what we recommend and you’ll see immediate results, as well as long term results and keep you looking natural and luminous!

If you have extenuating circumstances like: acne, heavy age spots, wrinkles etc. the best place for you is in your dermatologists office.

With the latest technology for anti-aging or aging-repair you will get more for your money with a few perfectly selected treatments than you would with a vanity full of creams.  Some quicker fixes than creams: Microdermabrasion = Reduces redness and deep cleanses pores, Chemical Peel = Major exfoliation, deep cleanses  repairs pigmentation and spots and minimizes wrinkles, Lasers = Stimulates Collagen and activates new skin cell growth for plumper, fuller skin.  The treatments done on a every other month basis can majorly improve your daily topical products as well.  Making a year from now look like — whoa!