Here at StyleSchoolKC, I believe being beautiful is a package deal that includes your mind, body, skin, and lifestyle. While I love styling and am obsessed with fashion and clothes, I think that feeling good extends beyond our wardrobes. I know that by incorporating self-care routines, like baths, into my life, it’s made me feel great from the inside out!

One of the key areas to feeling good is looking after our body. Of course we all know we need to eat well and get exercise and good sleep, but it’s important to create health and wellness rituals that give our bodies the rest and detoxification they need.

This is where bath time becomes, literally, the best time! Baths are obviously a beloved (or hated) routine for children, but they can be the ultimate key to relaxation and body care for us women. By filling the tub with warm water, lighting a candle, and grabbing a good book (or a glass of wine), we can soak and unwind, while letting our body sweat out toxins and really, deeply relax.

Because I am a huge fan of clean living, I highly recommend using epsom salts and essential oils in your bath. Epsom salts are absorbable through the skin, and they contain magnesium – which helps regulate cardiac activity, muscles, and our immune systems. So taking a bath isn’t just about relaxation, it also has amazing health benefits for your body.

What’s your favorite bath recipe? Any hints for bath time rituals you love? Let me know in the comments below!