In this post, I want to talk about the Instant Outfit Formula and how it’s the guide for both organizing your closet and pairing outfits.

What is the Instant Outfit Formula and how is it used?

The Instant Outfit Formula is a simple equation to follow that helps you pair outfits effortlessly.  Using the formula to organize your closet and pair outfits helps build confidence when pairing outfits is new to you.  Complete outfits have 3 pieces + Accessories!

What makes a piece a Basic, Interest, or Completer?

Basic:  A top or bottom that solid in color.  Think denim, cotton tee’s, button-up shirts, etc.

Interest:  A top or bottom that has a print, texture, or design.  Think lace, leather, floral, stripes, etc.

Completer:  A jacket, cardigan, blazer, coat.  Sometimes in warmer climates, accessories can act as completer pieces.

Basic + Interest + Completer + Accessories/Shoes = Instant Outfit

Using accessories for the WIN!

Accessories are my favorite!  They step up every outfit and are attention-grabbing and memorable when worn right.  Below is a video where I pair a few accessory sets so that grabbing what you need in a flash is easy.  How many of you have a drawer full of accessories that they never wear because they aren’t readily available and easy to grab in a hurry?  That was me before I came up with the accessory set method.

Flipping your closet over a weekend so it functions better for you doesn’t take the time you might think.  In a few scheduled hours, you can transform your closet and pair a week’s worth of outfits so your mornings are smooth and stress-free.  I highly recommend having a plan in your closet, those that don’t, are usually the ones overwhelmed about what to wear for events, occasions, and really every day.  A little focused time makes a huge difference!  Have fun with it and share your experience in the comments or on social.  Seeing how people maximize their space is a bit of an obsession of mine :).

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xoxo, Kathleen