Getting personal style inspired is something I do daily but I understand that it doesn’t come easy to those who aren’t in this arena all the time.  That said I want to line out the resources I use to find fashion and lifestyle inspiration that keeps me wanting to try new things.

My little black book of favorites…

  1. Pinterest:  My #1 resource for everything style, food, hair, home, travel, you name it.  I have been pinning for years and refer back to my boards often.  This is also a place where I collaborate with my clients to find looks and outfits they love and want to try.  Pinterest isn’t actually a social site as much as its a visual search engine.  Use it like Google to search for the things you’re looking for.  What comes up are photos with links to blog posts, retailers, etc where Google searches come up with word links to pages and posts.  For me, because I learn with my eyes first, Pinterest is a much more enjoyable process when you’re looking for things like workouts, recipes, outfits, and home decor and entertaining ideas.
  2. Instagram Hashtags:  Following a series of Instagram hashtags is a great way to see the kind of posts you want on Instagram and not just those of people you already follow.  Hashtags on Instagram are how the posts are categorized by topic.  Its the same on other platforms but you’ll see it used on Instagram most.  #closetorganization #cleaneatingrecipes #outfitideas #ootd #personalstyle
  3. Google Images:  Google Images is a great way to see what your favorite celebrity style is like because they are constantly being documented.  I use this as a way to find outfits to recreate.  I pin the ones I like to Pinterest so I can refer back when its time to create.  Just make sure when you search you add ‘style’ at the end.  this will bring up their street style and the eye candy begins 🙂
  4. ShopStyle:  ShopStyle is a great platform for online shopping where when you search you are searching 1,000’s of retailers at once rather than having to shop different sites.  Once you see something you like and click on it you’ll be rerouted to the retailer to purchase and check out.  So instead of having to do a separate search on each retailers site, ShopStyle brings you all the options from around the web on one screen.  It’s great because you can compare price points and options and make the best decision for you based on more than one store’s options.
  5. is the solution of a tech geniuses want for shopping on Instagram where you can’t post links as you do on Facebook.  You can download the app and follow different Instagram Influencers who are affiliates to the platform.  When they post their outfits for the day, they link each item they’re wearing making it easy for you to purchase.  If you are a member and have the app when the people you follow post, you’ll be notified.  If you like the photo of the influencer then an email is sent to you with the buying links for that specific post.  Or at least that’s how it used to work.  I personally prefer ShopStyle but a lot of people like Instagram Influencer style so I wanted to mention it.
  6. Amazon:  Amazon has become my go-to place to shop these days.  The ease of searching, purchasing, and returning has won me over.. lol!  You can find just about anything you search for and you’re going to have lots of options on styles, price, and quality.  Everything I’ve received (I faithfully read reviews before purchasing) has fit true to size and I’ve loved the quality and the fact that its different than what other people in my community are wearing.  Unlike Old Navy where you can show up to an event in the same dress as your bestie! :(. I am also an Amazon affiliate so I have a storefront where I have lists of the things I purchase regularly and also clothes and other fun stuff!
  7. Amazon Wardrobe:  If you haven’t tried Amazon Wardrobe yet you MUST!  You choose 5-7 things to try before you buy with no fee for Prime Members.  Try it all on in the comfort of your own home and only keep what you want and send back the rest.  You’ll be charged for what you keep and there’s no limit on how many boxes you get.  You could place an order every week and never keep anything or keep it all!  It’s so handy and a great alternate for Stitch-Fix and other box companies because you’re actually picking your pieces and price points.
  8. Sunflower Steals:  This is a Facebook Group that posts deals from all over the internet for everyone in the family for every reason.  Like for example, I got a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes for $14 on an instant sale through Zappos!  This is just one example, she posts great finds every day and I highly recommend joining the group, especially around holiday gift-giving time 🙂
  9. Living In Yellow Blog:  Living In Yellow is a blog/Instagram influencer account.  I like this one because she shares normal, everyday clothes that midwest girls love!  Her picks are affordable and easy to access.  She does a great job of updating her blog with roundups that give you a lot of options on one topic.  I love that because shopping online is about a lot of trial and error and she cuts through what’s worth ordering and what’s worth skipping.
  10. DIY Closet Course:  My personal style online course that shows you how to create a wardrobe full of instant outfits you’ll love to wear.  I take you through every step at your own pace.  If you want stylist help but don’t have the time for appointments and a budget to overhaul your whole closet then this is a great course for you!  It gives all the same tips, tricks, and hacks that I share with my face to face clients but it’s online and you can access it as you need.  Lots of videos, visuals, checklists, and guides to help along the way 🙂

I use these sites and resources to figure out what’s trending, what’s selling out and where to get the best deals. Take a minute to dive into each link and see if its a fit for you.

Is there something you use that I don’t?  I’d love to know.. :). Share in the comments or on social.  Let’s all learn from each other…

Best places to find me are Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook – Come say HI! 🙂

xoxo, Kathleen