These beauty items are game changers.  You never know when you’re going to need them, so just keep them nice and handy…

  1. Beauty Moisturizer:  Apply at least twice a day
  2. Clairsonic: Wash your face for-real everyday, nothing gets it as clean as this!
  3. Concealer Brush:  If you’re still applying with your finger, you’re wasting half of it
  4. Blow Dryer:  I don’t use mind often but I couldn’t live without one
  5. Curling Iron:  I use a flat iron to curl my hair, but if you like bouncy curls, this is a must have
  6. Flat Iron:  Id be lost without my Chi iron.  Smooths, curls, straightens like no other!
  7. Bobby Pins:  Get a whole different look in about 3 seconds with a few bobby pins
  8. Nail File:  Don’t bite your nails, shape them
  9. Bristle Brush:  Keeps hair soft and tangle free without breaking it off
  10. Face Wipes:  Great for right next to your bed with some night cream.  Never sleep with your makeup on