“I highly recommend making the investment in Style School.  You’ll love it!”

“I’m 47, and until now I’ve never enjoyed shopping or fashion. I just didn’t understand how to put together outfits. I’ve always longed for a personal shopper or a stylist, but I didn’t know how to find one that wouldn’t bust my budget. My sister found Kathleen through Living Social, and after her rave reviews, I could not wait to meet with her. Often, the things you get very excited for are a let-down, but Style School was even better than I’d hoped!”

“Kathleen accepted and embraced that I’m a budget shopper who does not wear makeup, and who will be in jeans 99% of the time. Any of those three might have been deal-breakers, but they weren’t. Because we approached the process knowing who I am (ie, a cheapo jeans-wearer!), I feel like myself every day — only better. I still wear cozy jeans and concert t-shirts, but now I pair them with a rocker necklace and an awesome belt, and I look pulled together instead of sloppy.”

“I highly recommend making the investment in Style School. You’ll love it!”