Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or jetting off on a vacation, there are some tried and true tips that can help make your holiday journey a smooth one. Today I want to share my favorite holiday travel tips and a packing list to help you have safe and smooth travels this holiday season!

Getting in the right mindset is key!  Enter the holiday travel season with the understanding that it’s going to be chaotic and you’ll likely fun into some problems.  Accepting this as reality puts you in a much better position to handle the lines and the delays.  Breathe deeply and use the downtime due to long lines as an opportunity to catch up on emails on your phone, or swap stories with the strangers around you – helping them to feel at ease at the same time – make it part of the journey.  By being prepared, on time and mindful you’re putting yourself in a great place to enjoy and embrace rather than get annoyed…especially if you’re traveling with children.  That aside, here are 4 tips that will also save you in more ways than one!

Holiday Travel Tips

Tip #1: Send gifts ahead of time.

Instead of trying to pack your presents, take advantage of Amazon and other online shopping outlets, and send your gifts ahead of time to your destination! That way, they’ll be there when you arrive and you don’t have to worry about bringing everything with you!

Tip #2: Wear your heaviest clothing on the plane / while you travel

This might seem straightforward, but it saves so much room when packing. Wear your winter coat and your thickest sweater while you travel. This leaves more room in your suitcase and makes it easier to bring these thick, warm items with you!

Tip #3: Don’t pack a ton of toiletries

When you get to your destination, use the shampoo and other products at your hotel or at your family’s house. You can always grab toothpaste and anything else at a store once you arrive. This eliminates the need to worry about liquids in your bag and you wouldn’t believe how much weight it saves you when you’re checking bags!

Tip #4: Get a lightweight suitcase

This will let you pack more and hopefully, help your luggage weigh less and fit under the weight limit. Investing in a lightweight suitcase is worthwhile and will help you pack everything you need.

I’m so excited to be traveling during the holiday season even though I know it’ll be hectic.  Just a quick getaway before the thick of holiday planning, shopping, decorating and events!  I can’t wait!  Are you traveling this holiday season?  If so, do share!  Let us know where you’re going and what your favorite travel tip is in the comments…

If you’re not traveling, here is a little inspiration from Groupon Getaways…. there’s still time to book and deals to get!


Packing List

Here’s a list to use while you pack:

The Basics

-ID / Passport

-Travel Docs

-Tickets / Booking confirmations

-Debit card and credit cards



-Comfy sweatshirt

-2 pairs of pants

-Comfy shoes (to travel in) and fancy shoes and boots

-Tops (4-5)

-Skirt and tights

-Underwear (7)

-Socks (5)

-PJs (2)

Everything Else





-Day bag

-Camera / phone