It’s that time of year…time to start shopping for the holidays! I don’t know about you, but it feels like my Gift List gets longer each year. It can be so hard to keep everything straight—and you never want to miss a gift for someone! From teachers to friends to co-workers to loved ones, there’s so many people to shop for. Which is why I wanted to share this amazing resource with you!

Here’s a Christmas Shopping List to help you to get organized with all your holiday gifts! You can track who, what, where, and price of each gift. And here’s my favorite part: a checklist for both what you’ve purchased and what’s been wrapped. This is the ultimate Christmas Shopping List—I hope it helps you with your shopping adventures!

christmas shopping list

And if you’re in the DIY Closet Course, be sure to shop the links. I’ve got some wonderful items that you can gift to others and to help you pull your holiday outfits together!