DIY Closet Course Mobile Access

Capsule Shopping List with 95+ Instant Outfit Samples For Every Day, Season, and Reason.


Shopping can be overwhelming and stressful but it doesn’t have to be.  With the DIY Closet Course Shopping List, Instant Outfits Samples, my Personal Style Services and Online Resources we can take the guesswork out so that every purchase you make is a good one.

Use these resources to build a wardrobe you love!


This capsule gives you everything you need to create instant outfits for any day, season or occasion.

What’s listed are examples of what you need, you don’t need a duplicate, find a version that fits you best and is in your budget.   Everything in this toolbox is to make it super easy to know, find and buy what you want.

Have fun and remember to shop your closet first!


These outfit combos are endless even though I’ve only featured around 95+.

Play around and have fun with this.  Once you have your closet organized by the Instant Outfit Formula its easy to pick these pieces quickly and easily.  Try pairing 5-7 outfits a week, keeping your day-to-evening schedule in mind.  When you have outfits already paired its truly mind blowing when it comes time to get ready!  If you take the time when you’re not busy, then when you are, you can still have stylish outfits in minutes without thinking.

This is the step that makes getting ready stress-free and fun again!