Packing for travel is something that gets everyone sweating!  What to pack is easy when you make a few important decisions first…

7 Tips to doing it right!

  1. Pick a palette of two neutrals and one or two standout shades to make mixing and matching a breeze.
  2. Pack only things you LOVE!  If you don’t wear it at home you won’t want to wear it when you’re away.
  3. Keep shoes to a maximum of 3; 2 packed and 1 on your feet.
  4. Avoid wrinkling by bringing knits, rather than wovens, prints instead of solids and roll don’t fold.
  5. Choose darker colors so you can wear it more than once if needed and don’t have to worry about spots as much as you do with light colors.
  6. Wear your bulkiest layers on the plane so they don’t eat up packing space.  Plus it gets chilly on the plane.
  7. A small leather zipper pouch is great for delicates and doubles as a clutch if you need it.