I get asked “Where did you buy that?”, all the time, or “I never see outfits like that when I’m out shopping…”. Can you guess what my response is? Most of the time I say “then you haven’t gone shopping with me” ?

For real, the reason many people don’t see what they like when they’re shopping is that they’re using their “normal” eyes! The best way to create a functioning and wonderful personal style is to understand yourself.  See YOU how YOU want to look and grow from that. Look for those pieces that represent you. Ditch those same easy shirts and pants that you know exactly where to find at the store. Stop wearing what you always wear and do some research.  Do some searching and find out what inspires you. Find something that gets you excited to say, “I love that look!”. Recreate the style and stretch outside your comfort zone. Our wardrobe deserves to age and grow like we do. Stop shopping at the same old stores and buying the same old outfits you’ve been wearing forever.  To look and feel amazing you gotta step out of your box.

Check out these 4 great tips that can help you do just that!

  1. Treat fabric like a piece of art.  Experiment with fabrics and textures you love. Don’t be scared! You won’t know how they look together until you jump in and try some on. Sometimes it’s a home run, and sometimes you strike out. But that’s totally ok! At least you tried and now you know.  Pairing together a flowing, lightweight pattern with a heavier solid fabric can give you a great look and is also a great way to use items in your closet all year long, instead of just in its actual season.
  2. Combine the unexpected. Mix a few elements together to create a look that gets people talking and looking! My personal style is a bit edgy, and I don’t like to be too matchy, matchy. Be bold, and pair a flowing floral print dress with a black leather jacket. Top the outfit off with a great pair of shoes and a handbag that mimic the jacket. The dress keeps it feminine, while the jacket and accessories give you some edge. This is ultimately the best of both my worlds! Don’t be shy to try it for yourself. Experiment with some styles you’d like to bring together and share what you put together! I love seeing outfits come to life so def share your wins afterward 🙂 (If you’re not already a member of my Style School Insiders Facebook Group, Join Here.)
  3. Guess what my favorite part of any wardrobe is?!?! Accessories. OH MY GOSH, ladies… Accessorize to express yourself. Accessories have the ability to transform any outfit. Most of my customer questions stem from accessories. They are how we share our personality and include handbags, necklaces, bracelets, rings, shoes, earrings, scarves, hats or a lovely fragrance. All these items can transform an outfit. I can teach you how to take one outfit and accessorize it 12 different ways depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Just don’t go overboard. This can be easy, but if you’re ever questioning yourself just take one accessory off. If it feels good though, don’t be afraid to wear it. I encourage you to start a few accessory sets. They are a collection of accessories that can all be worn together at the same time. Let’s say you love to wear black.  With an accessory set, you never have to worry about how to accessorize your outfits. Every time you wear an all-black outfit you have the option to wear your whole set or just a few pieces. Either way, you’ve got a full proof system for that color in your wardrobe. I personally have around 7 or 8 full accessory sets currently in my wardrobe. Most of these include a scarf, handbag, earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace, and sunglasses. Some of these sets even have hats! Your accessory sets can be your easy go-to items that are helpful when you need to quickly look great. Mine are all from different designers which creates a look of depth, which I love.
  4. One last important tip….STOP PLAYING IT SAFE! Just because you don’t wear shorts or heels all that often doesn’t mean you can’t start now! Don’t wear jeans to work every day just because it’s always what you’ve done. Step out of your box. If you need help, a stylist like me is always available for assistance. Peeling you back, layer by layer most certainly will uncover your inner diva. We all have her inside of us. She’s wanting to look good, feel great and be noticed! You may be saying, “but Kathleen, I don’t want to be noticed.” Take a step back, once you’re noticed, you’ll be addicted to that feeling, promise. The only thing holding you back is YOU! We get these ideas in our heads that we can only do what feels safe and 10 years down the line you’ll wish you had celebrated every moment because when you do, your inner confidence shines and your natural beauty unfolds.  I’ve seen it happen SO many times!

No matter how you approach this, know that you’re only a few tweaks away from looking and feeling great!  The first step seems huge but once you take it, it’s smooth sailing.. just plug into me, I’ll always be here for support 🙂