I’ve said before that I am with coconut oil like the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is with Windex… I use it for everything. 🙂

Well, I’m not the only one!  Helen from Health Ambition put this post together and its filled with new ways to use coconut oil that you never knew about!  Definitely worth the read and maybe even bookmark it 🙂

You can buy it by the tub so the more uses you can find the better…  Thanks Helen!


Now I know what you’re thinking, “150 uses Helen, really?” But I guarantee you will be amazed not only by the wide variety of uses for coconut oil, but by the sheer amount of health benefits it has to offer. Even better, it’s 100% natural!

What’s In Coconut Oil?

Coconuts are packed with medium-chain fatty acids. Fatty acids have an enormous amount of health benefits. Lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid in particular contribute immensely to the benefits coconut oil has to offer.

Which Type of Coconut Oil is Best?

In order to reap the many benefits of coconut oil, it’s imperative to use organic, unrefined coconut oil, extracted directly from the flesh of a fresh coconut. Refined coconut oil comes from dried coconut and doesn’t have nearly as many benefits as organic unrefined coconut oil.

Let’s get started with some of the amazing benefits coconut oil has to offer. I’ve divided this list into categories, making it easy to see that coconut oil can be used in almost every aspect of life!

In The Kitchen

1.Baked Potato Topping: Coconut oil is a great replacement for traditional butter on your baked potato. It even makes it that little bit healthier! Coconut oil tastes great with baked sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries. Get creative with seasonings like rosemary for a flavor filled lunch.

2.Buttering Toast: Spreading coconut oil on your toast is a healthy alternative to butter. Also, the coconut taste can satisfy your sweet tooth in replacement to chocolate spread!

3.Chocolate ice-cream chocolate top: If you melt a cup of coconut oil on the stove, while stirring add a cup and a half of chocolate. Once melted together, pour over ice cream. The chocolate will harden giving the ice cream a tasty chocolate shell with a coconut flavor.

4.Coffee Creamer: Like a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning? Adding a spoonful of coconut oil will give you a natural energy boost. It is also a great choice for those looking for a dairy free option.

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5.Coconut oil ice cubes: Did you know you can freeze coconut oil into ice cubes? Then you can add them to your favorite drink to get all the cool goodness coconut oil has to offer.

6.Energy Booster:The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil will give you that midday pick me up you need.

7.Frying: Many oils such as olive oil are not typically designed for cooking with as they have a low smoke point. This is why they are supposed to be drizzled on your bread rather than on your frying pan. Coconut oil however has a high smoke point and is therefore a much better option to cook with.

8.Homemade Mayonnaise: You can use coconut oil with egg yolks and apple cider vinegar to make your own mayonnaise. If you’re a mayo lover, this can be a great way to experiment with flavors and create your ideal healthy mayo at home.

9.Homemade Granola: Love granola as a breakfast treat? Try combining old fashioned rolled oats, honey, your favorite nuts and some coconut oil and baking them to perfection. Break them up into clusters and have with your favorite greek yogurt for a glorious morning treat or a mid afternoon snack.

10.Non-stick Cooking Spray: Do you find that even your non-stick cooking spray can’t stop your eggs from sticking? Try cooking some sunny side up in melted butter and your eggs will slide out your skillet like a breeze!

11.Popcorn topping: Making your own popcorn is the best part of movie night. Cooking some organic corn in coconut oil will give it an amazing aroma as well as an exciting taste.

12.Prolong the Freshness of Eggs: Want your eggs to last longer in your fridge? Coconut oil wiped over your eggs can help seal up pores and prevent their exposure to oxygen. This can extend their life by up to a further 14 days

13.Sports Drink: If you typically use sugary sports drinks as a quick pick me up before your workout, combining coconut oil with some chia seeds and fruit in water is a much healthier option. The medium chain fatty acids from coconut oil will give you the energy you need without all the refined sugars.

14.Smoothies: Adding 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil to fruit smoothies will not only enhance the texture in your mouth but also ensure you are receiving extra healthy fats into your diet.

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15.Thai Salad Dressing: Fill a jar almost to the top with coconut oil, chop up some garlic, ginger, chilli and lemongrass and allow it to sit in the oil. Now you have a delicious spicy alternative to olive oil for an exciting salad.

Personal Hygiene/Beauty:

16.Age Spots: Age spots or liver spots affect many people as they get older. However, rubbing coconut oil on the affected area can help them to disappear.

17.After Shave: Help nourish your hair follicles and neutralize razor burn by applying coconut oil straight after your close shave.

18.Body Scrub: Want a natural body scrub? Try making one at home with a mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar. Use on your skin and rinse off with lukewarm water and your skin will feel baby soft.

19.Bruises: Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Apply directly to a bruise to reduce redness and swelling and help quicken the healing time.

20.Bug Bites: Remove the stinging itch of a bug bite by rubbing coconut oil directly to the area. This will also promote healing.

21.Burns: If you continuously apply coconut oil to any burn not only will it promote healing but also reduce the chance of scarring.

22.Chapstick: Want a natural lip moisturizer which will protect your lips from sun damage? As coconut oil has a natural SPF and excellent moisturizing properties it can make an excellent homemade chapstick.

23.Cream foundation base: if you mix a little coconut oil with a your powder foundation it will make an excellent matching cream foundation you can apply all over. Coconut oils natural SPF will also protect your skin from sun damage.

24.Dandruff: Coconut oil can help reduce the itching of a sore, flakey scalp.

25.Deodorant: Because coconut oil kills bad bacteria as well as fungi and yeast, it makes an excellent base for deodorant.

26.Eye Cream: With the excellent moisturizing properties coconut oil has to offer, it can hydrate even the most sensitive areas of skin. For fresh, hydrated skin, dab some coconut oil around your eyes before bed.

27.Eyelash enhancer: If you want a way to rejuvenate broken, damaged lashes coconut oil could be the solution. With a cotton swab, lightly rub some coconut oil over lashes before bed. This will help them to strengthen while you sleep. Don’t over do it though, too much oil might seep into your eyes or damage your bedding.

28.Foundation primer: Rubbing a pea sized amount of coconut oil all over your face before your make up will help your foundation to apply evenly and smoothly. It also helps foundation look fresher for longer if you prime your skin before application.

29.Foot Exfoliator: While mixing coconut oil and sugar leaves you with a sweet body scrub, replacing the sugar for coarse sea salt can give you a heavy duty foot scrub to reduce the appearance of dry skin and cracked heels.

30.Hair Conditioner/Deep Treatment: Coconut oil is possibly the best hair conditioner you can find. Apply to damp hair and leave overnight. Then rinse the next day with apple cider vinegar for a bounce and shine anyone would be jealous of!

31.Hair Gel/Defrizzer: Most hair gels, waxes and defrizzing products are full of harsh chemicals. Try using coconut oil as a natural alternative

32.Healthy cuticles: Ugly cuticles the bane of your life? Well massaging coconut oil into your hands and nails daily will give you the beautiful healthy hands and nails you have been craving.

33.Make up remover: Massage some coconut oil between your hands to warm it up and rub it generously all over your face. Leave for a minute or two and even waterproof makeup will slide away easily.

34.Massage Oil: An excellent option for a natural massage oil that will leave you feeling relaxed with glowing skin.

35.Mascara brush cleaner: Most people don’t realize that mascara (as well as other beauty products) only have around a six month lifespan once they are opened. One way to help your favorite mascara live a little longer and prevent it becoming clumpy is to use coconut oil to regularly clean your applicator brush.

Simply soak it for around 5 minutes and gently rub it between your fingers under running water to watch the old, dried mascara fall away. Ensure to rinse and dry your applicator brush fully before returning it into your mascara.

36.Moisturizer: Everyone wants baby soft skin. However, many products claiming to give you just that have a list of ingredients a mile long, many of which you can’t even pronounce. Coconut oil is an exceptional moisturizer which is totally natural.

37.Nipple Cream: Breastfeeding can be incredibly painful, especially if you are experiencing cracked, sore nipples. Rubbing a little coconut oil in can help them to heal and make the process a little less painful.

38.Oily Skin Fix: Oily T-zone? Just massage in a small amount of coconut oil the fix the problem.

39.Preshave: coconut oil prepares your skin for shaving and can help prevent razor burn.

40.Skin Issues: coconut oil is a great natural remedy for a number of skin issues such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema or acne.

41.Sunburn Relief: Too much fun in the sun? No problem, moisturize afterwards with coconut oil and aid healing of sun burnt skin.

42.Sunscreen: coconut oil has a natural SPF so is an excellent alternative to chemical filled store bought sunscreens.

43.Swimmer’s Ear: If you mix garlic and coconut oil you can use this 2-3 times a day to clear up an ear infection in no time.

44.Tattoo Healing: Coconut oil will not only moisturize your skin, promoting new tattoos to heal faster without fading the color. But the antibacterial properties can help reduce the risk of infection.

45.Toothpaste: Want an all natural, homemade toothpaste? Mix some coconut oil with baking soda and there you have it!

46.Wrinkle Prevention and Reducer: coconut oil could be the key to youthful skin. Applying coconut oil will tighten the skin and connective tissue.

Health and Wellness: (taken internally)

47.Breastfeeding: If you want to not only boost but enrich your milk supply, add 3-4 spoonfuls of coconut oil to your daily diet. You can add in smoothies, tea or milkshakes.

48.Bones and Teeth: coconut oil helps you to absorb both calcium andmagnesium supporting healthy bones and teeth.

49.Digestion: the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil aid your digestion by preventing parasites and fungi which can lead to bowel issues such as IBS. Coconut oil also aids absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

50.Energy Booster: Coconut oil can give you a well needed energy boost naturally without the aid of supplements. This can be really beneficial to athletes or just those who love a workout.

51.Fitness: Want to burn more fat and retain muscle mass? Coconut oil aids metabolism and thyroid function helping with just that.

52.Insulin: coconut oil improves insulin secretion it can also help blood glucose levels. Making it a great option for diabetics.

53.Lung Function: Helps cell surface fluidity.

54.Nausea: If you are suffering from an upset stomach, why not try rubbing a little coconut oil on your wrists to relieve symptoms.

55.Nosebleeds: If you tend to get nosebleeds especially in dry weather, try rubbing some coconut oil inside your nostrils which should help.

56.Oil Pulling: oil-pulling with coconut can help heal your gums. Coconut is anti-bacterial and teeth-related issues like gingivitis can be prevented with its use.

57.Prevent Perineum Tears: By rubbing your perineum with coconut oil in the final trimester of pregnancy, you could reduce perineum tears during childbirth.

58.Prevent Stretch Marks: Rubbing coconut oil daily onto your ever expanding baby belly can help prevent stretch marks. This can also work for children and teenagers going through growth spurts.

59.Stress Relief: Using coconut oil on your head in circular motions not only feels great but can relieve mental tension.

60.Vitamin and Nutrient Absorption: coconut oil aids absorption of vitamins and minerals in the gut, this can help you rid yourself of any issues you may suffer from.

61.Appetite Suppressant: coconut oil increases your metabolic rate as well as keeping you fuller for longer, both of which can aid weight loss.

Health Issues

62.Acne Fighter: Acne can be a bit problem for teenagers and adults alike. Acne is often caused by an overgrowth of bacteria on the skin. Coconut oils natural antibacterial properties can help fight acne. Also, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory it can reduce the redness and swelling in the appearance of acne.

63.Alzheimer’s Treatment and Brain Health Protector: There are many studies currently being carried out which suggest that coconut oil can assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (source). A current study recommends taking one tablespoon three times daily.

64.Balance Cholesterol Levels: Unlike animal fats, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil have no cholesterol. Helping you to maintain healthy levels within your body (source).

65.Blood Sugar Stabilizer: Coconut oil can balance blood glucose levels and has been proven to be beneficial for diabetics.

66.Boost Immunity: Because coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal it can help ward off bad bacteria in your gut where your immune system is housed. This helps maintain your good bacteria ensuring your immune system stays strong.

67.Cancer Protection and Defense: Studies have revealed that coconut oil can form a defense against certain forms of cancer (source).

68.Candida Killer: One of the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil is caprylic acid which has anti-microbial properties that kill both yeast and candida.

69.Chesty cough fighter: For a natural remedy for a chesty cough, just mix equal parts of coconut oil and honey in some hot water with lemon. Drinking before bed will keep your cough at bay allowing you to get some well deserved sleep.

70.Cold sore cream: If you are prone to cold sores you can try mixing coconut oil with oregano oil for an effective cold sore treatment.

71.Constipation Relief: Many people will promise you that one tablespoon of coconut oil before bed will keep you regular.

72.Digestive Support: Coconut oil promotes the growth of probiotics ensuring good gut flora and helping to prevent digestive issues like leaky gut.

73.Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Treatment: Coconut oil when used as a cream can be helpful for many skin conditions such as eczema.

74.Eye wash: Coconut oil is a good cure for dry eyes. Adding a few drop with an eye dropper can clear out any irritants and kill bacteria. Vision will initially be cloudy but quickly clear.

75.Fight Inflammation: Inflammation is one of the leading causes of many chronic diseases. Coconut oil has natural inflammatory properties which can prevent such issues.

76.Fight Heart Disease: There is a lot of research which suggests the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil are beneficial for heart health (source).

77.Fat Burning Supplement: Much research has gone into how coconut oil can support weight loss. Make sure to get a spoonful each day to support your ongoing weight loss goals.

78.Hay fever: rubbing a little coconut oil under your nose catches pollen before it gets the chance to enter your nasal passage.

79.Hot flashes: Are you going through menopause? One or two spoonfuls of coconut oil a day can help prevent hot flashes.

80.Heartburn (acid reflux): If heartburn plagues you, coconut oil can be a great relief and an excellent alternative to store bought drugs.

81.Hemorrhoid relief: Hemorrhoids are not fun! But gently rubbing coconut oil on the affected area can aid swift healing.

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82.Hormone Balancer: The healthy fats in coconut oil help to lower cortisol, and naturally balance the hormones.

83.Prevent Bone Loss and Osteoporosis Risk: As previously mentioned coconut oil can support healthy bones which in turn can prevent developing osteoporosis.

84.Prevent morning sickness: Coconut oil can help settle your stomach when feeling queasy. One tablespoon is all it takes.

85.Seizure reduction: If you or someone you love is prone to epileptic seizures, coconut oil can increase the ketone levels in your blood keeping seizures at bay.

86.Sleep Aid:Coconut oil is a perfect carrier oil using oils like lavender or roman chamomile oil for a homemade relaxing remedy, this can help you get a good night sleep.

87.Soothe chicken pox: Although this childhood ailment is often unavoidable, coconut oil can be an excellent solution for taking the itch out of chickenpox spots.

88.Throat Lozenge: Many store bought lozenges are packed with artificialsweeteners and flavors. Instead, try swallowing a spoonful of coconut oil three times daily to aid your sore throat.

89.Treat Pink eye: Dabbing a small amount of coconut oil around your eye will clear up pink eye infections.

90.Urinary tract infection (UTI): 3 tablespoons a day can clear up a UTI thanks to its antibacterial properties.


91.Baby acne fighter: Apply small amounts of coconut oil on babies skin to help kill bacteria and prevent baby acne..

92.Carrier oil: If you use cloth wipes for babies, coconut oil is a great carrier and help dirty bottoms clean easier.

93.Circumcision healing: If you choose to circumcise your baby adding coconut oil to the area will promote healing and fight infection.

94.Baby lotion replacement: Simply mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil shea butter and essential oil for a natural alternative to baby lotion.

95. Clear up baby ear infection: Does your baby suffer from ear infections? Place a few drops of coconut oil twice a day into your baby’s infected ear to clear up any infection within a few days.

96.Diaper Salve: Because of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil is it a great natural remedy for diaper rash.

97.Eliminate cradle cap: To make cradle cap disappear, simply rub a pea sized amount into your baby’s scalp each day.

98.Formula Filler: Coconut oil is very nutritious and has components matching that of mothers milk. Therefore, it is great to add to baby formula to help fill up your baby..

99.Help provide teething relief: Mix a little coconut oil with clove oil and either rub it on baby’s teether or directly onto the gums to give immediate relief from teething pain.

100.Natural baby massage oil: baby massage has a lot of benefits. Use coconut oil as a natural baby massage oil.

101.Soft spot: Massaging coconut oil directly into baby’s soft spot will help strengthen the area.

102.Treat baby thrush: The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil mean it works as an excellent thrush treatment for both mommy and baby.

103.Use at bath time: Just one spoonful of coconut oil into your baby’s bath will help prevent their skin drying out.


104.Condition your pet’s fur: Just as coconut can work wonders as a hair conditioner for us, you can help give your labradoodle fur to make all the other dogs jealous too!

105.Cure doggy dandruff: Massaging coconut oil into your dog’s skin will reduce dryness and flaking.

106.Doggy deodorizer: Apply coconut oil to your dog’s fur and leave it for a few hours before rinsing. They will be left smelling fresh!

107.Dog ear cleaner: Simply apply coconut oil to a cotton swab to clean out even dried up gunk from your dogs ears.

108.Guinea pig skin care: Guinea pigs tend to suffer from dry skin issues as they get older. Rub some coconut oil into their skin to clear up affected areas.

109. Homemade dog shampoo: If you combine liquid soap, vinegar, coconut oil and hot water what do you get? Doggy shampoo that’s what!

110.Improve joint health: If you add a spoonful of coconut oil to your dog’s food daily you could see an improvement in your dog’s aching joints.

111.Improved bird feather quality: A few drops of coconut oil into your pet’s water a day can improve the appearance of their plumage.

112.Lethargic pets: If you pet is lethargic, adding coconut oil into their diet can give them a much needed energy boost.

113.Non-stick kitty litter: Brushing the bottom and sides of your cat’s litter tray will ensure a much easier clean up when it’s time to change the litter.

114.Sooth an itchy dog: If your dog has dry, itchy and sore skin, massage him with some coconut oil to soothe the itch

115.No more fleas: regularly rubbing your pet down with coconut oil can prevent flea infestation.

116.No more hairballs: If you rub coconut oil onto your cat’s fur it will cut down on the amount of hairballs they produce as well as giving your cat glossy fur.

117.Relieve pet constipation: Even our pets can suffer from constipation just like us. Adding a little coconut oil to their food can aid their digestion and keep them regular.

118.Remove doggy breath: Along with all the other benefits feeding your pet coconut oil brings, it can also prevent dog breath. Meaning they a fresh enough for a good snuggle.

In The Home

119.Aromatherapy oil: If you want to wind down at the end of a long hard day and let your stress drift away, put some coconut oil into your oil burner. The added bonus is your home will have a beautiful coconut aroma.

120.Clean Soap Scum From Shower: A damp cloth and coconut oil will wipe away your bathroom soap scum leaving it clean and shiny.

121.Carrier Oil for Homemade Candles: Just like homemade soaps, you can find many easy ways to make homemade candles. Using coconut oil gives you a beautifully natural scented candle.

122.Cockroach killer: Coconut oil sprayed directly onto a cockroach is an instant and effective bug killer with the added bonus of no harmful chemicals like the ones found in store bought sprays.

123.Clean and Condition Inside of Car: Clean your interiors with some coconut oil and a lint free cloth for a beautiful scent and shine.

124. BBQ cleaner: When you’re ready for your first big BBQ of the year, have some coconut oil handy. After you’ve finished, cover your BBQ in coconut oil and allow it to sit for an hour. Then just watch the grease and dirt slide away.

125.Clean, Condition and Sanitize Wooden Cutting Board: Whenever your chopping board starts to look dull and overused, try wiping it down with coconut oil. This not only revitalizes the wood, but as coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal it sanitizes it too.

126.Clean Hands and Paint Brushes: after using oil-based paints clean yourself and your brushes off with some coconut oil and prevent yourself using strong chemical solutions.

127.Clothes rod lubricant: Applying a small amount of coconut oil on your clothes rail will prevent clothes hangers from sticking making looking through your wardrobe quick and easy.

128.Crayon remover: Have your little angels used your interiors as an art canvas? Soak with a little coconut oil and blot with a clean cloth (don’t rub as that will smear crayon).

129.Dust Preventer: Rubbing some coconut oil on surfaces and especially ceiling fans will prevent dust from sticking and even better leaving an antibacterial coating.

130.Fishing line: Rub coconut oil onto your fishing line allowing for a longer casting distance.

131.Fire starter: If you want to build a camp fire in your back yard, soak some cotton balls in coconut oil. Pull the ball apart a little and set it down amongst the kindling. Light it and you have yourself a fire.

132.Furniture Polish: Want a beautiful sparkle in your home with a great smell while fighting baterial? Then coconut oil makes an excellent natural furniture polish.

133.Help Unzip a Caught Zipper or Stuck Bike Chain: As a natural lubricant, coconut oil can unjam any zipper or bike chain. Simply apply to the affected area.

134.Homemade Hand Soap: Use coconut oil to make homemade antibacterial hand soap and enjoy the natural coconut scent.

135.Keep garden tools clean: Before using your garden tools, rub them down with some coconut oil. This will prevent dirt from sticking and stop them rusting.

136.Laundry Detergent: If you have sensitive skin or you are prone to allergies and often store bought detergents irritate your skin, try combining coconut oil with lye, water, and essential oils like lavender or jasmine for a homemade, natural laundry detergent.

137.Lawn mower catcher: Coating the inside of your lawn mower catcher with coconut oil will prevent cuttings from sticking.

138.Leaf shiner: If you raise indoor plants, using coconut oil as a leaf shiner is a great natural alternative to store bought options.

139.Liquid fertilizer: Coconut oil is a surfactant when added to fertilizer, providing the best possible coverage on your garden.

140.Lubricator: Instead of WD-40, try some coconut oil on squeaky door hinges.

141.Mouthguard or retainer cleaner: The antimicrobial properties make coconut oil a great mouthguard cleaner. Rub it all over and leave it to sit over night. Rinse it off before use. Can work for retainers and dentures too!

142.Natural insect repellant: Coconut oil and peppermint oil mixed together make an excellent natural insect repellent. Meaning you can go camping or for country walks without the worry of bug bites.

143.Prevent water marks: If you wipe down a lovely dry sink with coconut oil, not only will it keep it gleaming but will also prevent water marks sticking.

144.Prevent wax sticking: If you wipe the bases of your candle holders with coconut oil, any wax that overflows or spills will wipe straight off.

145.Remove car window tint: When removing a car window tint you will find a sticky residue left behind. Apply some coconut oil and leave it to soak in and wipe away with a rough sponge. The sticky residue should just wipe away.

146.Remove Gum From Hair or Furniture: If you have gum stuck in your hair it can be your worst nightmare. Don’t reach for the scissors. Apply some coconut oil and allow it to sit for a while, this should loosen the gum enough for you to remove.

147.Rust Reducer: Rub some coconut oil onto metal surfaces and allow it to sit for a couple of hours and it will prevent rust and leave it gleaming. It even works nicely on your silverware.

148.Season Cast Iron Pots and Pans: use coconut oil season cast iron pots.

149.Shoe Shiner: Make leather look brand new again by simply rubbing with some coconut oil.

150.Spider deterrent: If you want to deter spiders from your home but don’t want to spray toxic store bought bug sprays around your house, simply mix some coconut oil and vinegar and spray any area of your home. Spiders will avoid that area.

Who knew there were so many uses for coconut oil! If you have any ideas I didn’t mention, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.