Working out is such an on-purpose action for me personally. I’m not the type of person who loves working out and has to do it, so I don’t feel out of whack. I do, however, know that I need to work out. I enjoy it once I get moving and feel even better when I’m done exercising.  

I choose to work out alone because I don’t need any help in the sidetrack department! Involving friends in my workout routine requires us to all decide on a good time to meet up and what kind of workout we all want to do together. Plus, there’s the chance of the last-minute phone call to cancel the workout because you are friend’s thing. 

Workout out with friends may not be the best choice because we all have different body types that require different exercises. If you all chose to do a certain workout, it may only be benefiting one of you. You may end up working out at someone else’s pace rather than your own. Plus, you are with your friends. You may not mean to do this, but you guys might end up working out at a pace that allows you to chat, which may not always be the best choice for getting your blood pumping.

When it’s just me working out alone I can do whatever works best for me and my body. AND, since I partnered with BeachBody, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my house. I can squeeze in a good butt kicking workout with the 21-day fix! The program is amazing, and I get to switch my workout up all the time because of how the workouts are scheduled. 

A good workout is a time of silence, fierce reflection and a good amount of sweating for me. The idea is to get your heart really pumping and work up a good cleansing sweat for the mind+body and soul!!!

Here are 10 reasons why I enjoy workout out by myself:

  1. You can stay on track. Working out in a true pre-planned sequence is essential to a good workout and when a friend has joined you, it’s easy for things to get all mixed up.
  2. Working out at home means I don’t have to try to look cute at the gym. I’m in the comfort of my home. It truly doesn’t matter. I just end up in the shower anyway.
  3. You can adjust when you need to. Need more weight? Great. Increase it and your intensity to get the results you desire. You won’t get held up lifting lighter weights that don’t offer the results you want.
  4. I push myself harder and further because I am not distracted.
  5. If I want to workout longer I can because I am on my own schedule, not anyone else’s. 
  6. Workout out alone takes less time. There’s no driving to and from your group meet up. Chatting with friends during and after a workout can make the scheduled workout time run longer than you may have expected and then you are rushing through the rest of your day.
  7. No temptations to stop for a fat filled iced coffee drink or snack after your done with your workout routine. 
  8. Sometimes the gym is just too crowded. 
  9. Exercising is a great form of meditation and stress relief. Doing it alone allows me to focus on what’s bothering me and release it.
  10. If I need someone to join me in a workout, I hit a group exercise class. These classes are designed for a group of people to work hard, stay focused and unwind.  Plus they’re fun as a sprinkle into your week, but only AFTER your deliberate personal daily workouts.

I’m not saying I NEVER workout with friends or other people. I just enjoy doing that in the group exercise classes. I enjoy this because you are all following someone else’s lead and working at your own pace to keep up with the coach. The class setting keeps the workout from becoming a social meet up with your friends. A social hour is better spent outside of workout clothes for me…

Now that you’ve read my 10 reasons for exercising alone, get up and choose the best workout routine for you. It doesn’t matter if you do it alone or with a friend. That is totally up to you. There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone is different. I would love to hear your workout preference and why!