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Save time and money by shopping your closet first with Style School’s newest offering; The DIY Closet Course.  It’s a self-guided online ecourse where you learn everything Kathleen teaches her local clients.  Plus you get a mix-n-match wardrobe for every day, season and occasion. Online shopping list with links in every size (0-24), 90+ outfit samples, daily tips, personal style videos, 13 weeks of online group coaching of and her ebook; Personal Style Cliffs Notes.  

Don’t miss out, it only launches live once a year.

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Style Coaching

Personal Style Coaching


Kathleen offers one-on-one style coaching both in-person and online via Pinterest, Skype and Facebook Live.  You’ll fill out an online Personal Style Profile that she’ll use when curating your new balanced-just-for-your-life style!  In this appointment you’ll work closely together, covering your personality and goals to help find your unique style. Kathleen covers hair, makeup, wellness and wardrobe and you’ll receive recommendations for each.  Its a great place to start and makes a closet cleanout and personal shopping so much better!

1hr minimum

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Closet Cleanout and Inventory


When meeting with Kathleen to evaluate your closet, you’ll work together to make adjustments to what you already own, keeping in mind your personal style. This means getting out the old to make room for the new, organizing in a way that helps you create instant outfits and she pairs outfits together from what you already have and builds a shopping list of what you still need. You’ll have fun shopping your own closet and learning what works and how great outfits go together.  You’ll even learn how to mix prints!

2hr minimum

Clean My Closet!
Closet Cleanouts
Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping Date


On shopping dates with Kathleen, you’ll shop at the stores of your choice (or leave the choosing to Kathleen!). Learn how to navigate the store best, browse efficiently and only buy what works for your body and style. Your purchases are in addition to your service. While it’s recommended, there is no obligation to buy when shopping together. Kathleen also offers the ability to leave the shopping to her, especially useful for out-of-area clients.  She creates a private Pinterest board so you both can collaborate on outfits before any buying is done. She makes a shopping list, marks off what you have and what’s left is what you’re shopping for.  She makes it SO easy to look good, no matter where you live!  This is a great gift option as well…

2-3 outfits takes about 2 hours to shop for.
Seasonal wardrobes take about 3-4 hours to shop for.

2hr minimum

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Style Package

PACKAGE: Closet Cleanout and Inventory + Personal Shopping Date + Capsule Wardrobe Curation


Package all these services together and save $25.

6 hrs in-home or in-store service time
+1 hr online capsule wardrobe curation

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Mentor Package

PACKAGE: Total Mind+Body+Skin & Style + Closet and Wardrobe Transformation


Highest level package includes all of Kathleen’s services and the newest Style School offering: The DIY Closet Course.

Four 3hr. appointments over the course of one year
(One per season)

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Client Love Notes

dsc_1346-2…It brought some much needed confidence back for me.”

“Thank you so so so much!!! I could never have done that alone. Ever!!”

“In a short span of 3 hours you not only styled my closet with some amazing clothes and outfits, but brought some much needed confidence back for me. Literally brings tears to my eyes. I can’t even tell you the last time I actually had fun shopping. It had just become so discouraging.”

“It’s just amazing. Thank you so much again, it was so much fun!”

Melissa, MO

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  • Kathleen is an expert in style. She’s been helping women look and feel their best for over 21+ years.
  • She understands.  The struggle of balancing a healthy mind+body+spirit & image as a busy woman is real.
  • Balance is king.  She shares routines and solutions that she uses and how to work them into everyday life.

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