I always say the best way to really know someone is by being a fly on their wall for a day…  Since we can’t do that, this is the next best thing.  Learn more about me through my daily routines and tid bits of possibly useless, but hopefully entertaining information.  Enjoy! – Kathleen, xoxo

My Seasonal Product and Solutions Routine


official clean shower picI wash and condition my hair, wash my face, wash my body, shave if I need to, although I’m a waxer so that’s not very often.  I also, do a sugar scrub to my whole body at least 3 times a week.  Once I’m out I lotion my body from head to toe.  In and out in 20 minutes and silky smooth for 24 hours!  It’s ALL about the products.  Not all showers are treated equal.  I LOVE my showers and products with a good slip and consistency are key!  They can’t be sticky, they need to feed the skin, not just close it up.  Next time I get in the shower and start to rinse, I better not feel like I just rubbed deodorant on my whole body.  With some shower products, the was they feel under the shower the next day, you just know it isn’t right.  It feels like…well…trying to rinse off deodorant. Ha!

Beautycounter is who I trust for my clean shower…  They’re helping reform the industry ingredient standards for health and safety so we can all be more protected from the harmful chemicals found in our products.  The couple buck difference in cost isn’t worth the exposure you get when you use products whose ingredients are untested or known to be disruptive to our systems. Beautycounter tests every ingredient and has a list of over 1,500 they won’t use that other companies do.  It can get scary, finding a company to trust is essential.  Beautycounter is that for me.  Click the pink links to shop.  (disclaimer: we do receive a small commission if you click through using these links.)

This is what I use:

After My Shower

Having that long lasting hydrated glow to my skin is an absolute necessity.  Yes, sometimes my leg slips off the other while I’m sitting with my legs crossed, but its worth it.  To look down and see glowing legs, A. Makes your legs look leaner and B. Nobody wants to see ashy legs, no even you.  You just feel better when you see yourself glowing and looking healthy.  I get a glow for my face and body that I can wear anything with and I’m always feeling confident in my skin.

This is what I use:


I’m pretty low maintenance in this department outside of shampoo and conditioner.  My scalp gets irritated with a lot of the salon-grade products out there, and drugstore-megastore brands seem to build up so much on my hair that my natural wave goes away and I’m forced to wear it straight, which is hilarious in humid weather.  I’ve fallen in love with a few fun products but after a few applications it just eats my scalp alive and its not worth it.  So when I need extra treatment-type moisture I just use coconut oil on my ends.  Other than that what I use in the shower is it.  I know, for a former salon owner, this is really weird, but very true.  No heat protector, no hairspray, no molding paste, nothing.  I air dry my hair and scrunch it with my fingers.  Once its dry I use my 1 inch Chi Flat Iron to add additional waves to the top layer of my hair, which lays flat if I left it.  I’ve kind of fallen in love with the fact that I can get by with minimal product and heat in this department.  That’s not always been the case and my hair took a beating!

This is what I use:


UntitledMakeup and Skincare in my book go hand in hand.  Good makeup looks its best on good skin and vice versa.  No matter if I’m wearing makeup or not, I have on tinted moisturizer.  Because I use clean products I don’t have to worry about wearing it to the gym and being blinded once I start sweating.  Its just the last step in my skin care routine and I never miss it.  IF I decide to wear makeup that day, because most days, light, if anything is all that’s necessary.  I feel good in my skin, so going makeup free is no biggie to me.  What I like is a pretty glow that says, WOW, she looks natural, like she just got home from vacation.  I get that by starting with tinted moisturizer and adding a bronzer/blush powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip sheer and rosewater.  The end result is…muah!  If I’m going out or just want to step it up a notch I add highlighter after my tinted moisturizer and before my bronzer/blush powder.  It covers any spots and brings light to all the right places.  I also add a darker shadow to my normal neutrals and liner to the top of my lid.  I really amp up my mascara application and make sure to go back over my cheekbones and jawline with the darker shade of bronzer/blush.  The luminescence that the bronzer/blush gives your skin is just gorgeous!  I mix the two products together as I’m applying.

This is what I use, not all of it, everyday, colors depend on what I’m wearing, time of day and if I’m going to sweat or not:


I forever have painted toes and a fresh pedicure, but when it comes to my fingernails, I let them stay natural, like not even a clear coat.  The same thing as my hair, I think that these chemicals in our products literally eat away at our bodies.  I see it in my nails every time I get a Gel Manicure or even just a clear coat after a basic manicure to keep my cuticles in check.  After having any product on them my nails start to peel and crack and never end up looking better, a week later, they look worse than they did right before I went in.  So I steer clear of fingernail polish except on occasions.  I can’t even use the little nail stick ems, they make my nails crack too.

Here are the toe colors I’ll be trying out this season:


I’m the kind of perfume wearer that only sprays it on my clothes and I like to choose different scents for day and night.  Right now this is what I’m wearing and my husband loved them!

This is what I use:


904be0ff7ce31dce443d27db6d0af421Jewelry and Accessories are everything I love about an outfit!  Adding those final touches to an outfit change it completely.  If you really think about it, Accessories and Jewelry is usually what you notice about a woman’s outfit first.  Its what catches our eye and draws us to them.  I don’t leave the house without Shades, Handbag, Ring and Earrings and a Necklace.  If I’m really going all out I’ll add a bracelet and layer my necklaces.  I have what I call an Accessory Uniform; a collection of items that all jive together in a designer mix kind of way.  A head to toe set of accessories that I can put on in a flash and amp up my outfit it minutes. I’ve been a Freelance Personal Stylist for 9 years and after working with countless women I realized that this is usually where women need the most help.  Everyone manages to not leave the house naked everyday, but not everyone takes the time to add those finishing touches that complete the outfit.  The touches that get compliments and gain confidence in your personal style.

This is what I’m wearing this season:

My Capsule Wardrobe For The Season:  Fall 2016

This season is my busiest season of the year.  I lay low in the I hibernate during the Winter, Ramp up with work in the Spring, Lay low in the Summer and Run like maniac in the Fall.  My 3 kids are going in 3 different direction, in 3 different school (yes I have a bus stop at my house every hour for 3 hours in the morning – yes, be jealous!), they’re in Dance, playing Football and always doing something social.  In a nutshell, I need tons of Easy Like Sunday Morning Outfits, that are easy to assemble, accessorize and throw on.  Between working out, working from home, running kids and have my own social life I may change 3 times a day (yes – again, be jealous – I love laundry!  Kidding of course).  My go to’s are denim (I love that mixing light and dark denim is back in style), lightweight t’s, jackets are a staple, lightweight scarves, boots, skirts mixed with graphic t’s for work.  The list goes on.  Check the blog for what I’m wearing and where you can get it.

Pieces that are on my shopping list:

edgy wardobe photo

I’m Listening To

I just went to a Foo Fighters concert and it was an amazing show so I’ve been listening to a lot of Foo lately!  Im a product of the 90’s so I love all the grunge rock! I mix in some Pop and Rap and the occasional Country.  Bottom line, I LOVE MUSIC!  I’ll listen to anything, but I’m passionate about good songwriters, enlightened artists and how they share it with the world!  One of my favorite bonds with my husband is the fact that we both LOVE great music!  Up until last year he was the lead singer in a rock band, so I’ve got his original music on my playlist too!

Here’s my playlist for the season:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Foo Fighter
  • Beyonce
  • Alt Jay
  • Taylor Swift
  • Download my playlist here..

I’m Staying Active

I was introduced to the 21 Day Fix by my favorite set of twins in the world.  These ladies have been teaching healthy lifestyle routines to women for 12 years.  There’s been product suggestions and workout plans over the years, but never something like the 21 Day Fix where its all packaged together in a way that makes staying active, balanced and healthy so sustainable over a period of time. Like say, the rest of your life!  A 30 minute full body workout from home, portion control containers so you don’t over eat the bad AND good food and a daily smoothie that packs so much punch Rocky Balboa better watch out.  Its really something ANYONE can do, I don’t care if you have 100+ pounds to lose or zero and just want to tone up, it can do it all!

Here’s what I started with and totally suggest it!

I’m Reading

I’m what you call a 24-7 reader!  I read and/or write all day sometimes.  From blogs, to posts, to magazine, to books I love learning.  I’m not much of a fantasy or mystery reader but if its going to enlighten, teach or guide me, I’m in!  Or a book about people, I love learning about people.  Maybe I should have been an Anthropologist.  Don’t laugh, really, watching how people interact is fascinating!

This is what’s on my nightstand right now:

Classes I’m Taking

Like I said about books, I’m a constant learner.  I’ve owned my own business in one way or another since 2003.  That said, you don’t own a business and think you’ve got it all figured out.  Especially with the internet, social media and marketing changing every. single. day.  So a true entrepreneur is always learning and looking to mentors and outlets for more.  That said, Tricia and I just finished B-School, an online Business School that the one and only Marie Forleo hosts annually.  It was an 8 week course with exercises that helped us really hone in on our business objective and create offerings that speak to our clients.  The Swag Society has been successful since it launched.  Taking the “Beauty Box” idea to a whole new level by adding accessories and now because of B-School clothing and shoes.  I can’t say enough about the program, Marie herself, her team and the team of contacts she shared with our class.  You can plug into her online for free via YouTube, but if you’re looking for the blueprint to run your own online business, B-School would be a great choice for you.  She’ll start taking registrations at the beginning of 2016 and you’ll for sure hear us talking about it.  Anything to help her grow, like she helped us grow!

Plug into Marie here:

Traveling To

Miami Florida Summer Beach WallpaperI couldn’t be more excited to say that we’re on our way to St. John USVI soon to celebrate my 15 year anniversary!  Since I’m a restless Sagittarius to the T, I LOVE to travel! Warm, cold, close, far, inside, outside, sunny, rainy, snowing, biking, hiking, skiing, boarding, riding, sweating, relaxing, drinking, eating, sailing, boating, canoeing, swimming; doesn’t matter I LOVE IT ALL!!!  Even a recent rattlesnake bite and 3 days in the hospital can’t keep me from exploring new places.   It feeds my body and soul on so many levels its just necessary.  My kids are finally to an age where leaving with my husband is more possible so we’ve been traveling a lot more lately.  You’ve got to LOVE a supportive family.  Couples that play together, stay together right?!

Here are the destinations on my mind:

Recent Ah-Ha! Moments

I have these daily!  I try every. single. day. to stay centered and tuned into my moments and thoughts.  It keeps me balanced, at peace and grateful for the life I have.  It hasn’t always been peaches and cream for me and my family.  Being an entrepreneur comes with struggles that sometimes have you second guessing everything.  Nothing becomes more obvious to me when times are tough than Family is everything, Time flies and really being at One with yourself is essential to living a full and happy life.  Take advice from someone whose succeeded and fallen more than once but managed each time to grow, appreciate my family even more than I did, take time to enjoy the things I love and laugh at the (excuse my french) shit that doesn’t matter.  I mean to paint a tiny picture for you….I was a Vice President with a very successful Skin Care Company that drove a taxi cab, seriously, my mother in law owns a taxi cab company, and we were do broke at one point I literally drove a stinky cab.  Funny thing is, even though at the time, that was my reality, I still spoke loud and often about how I LOVED MY LIFE.  Like, its probably printed on a t-shirt of mine somewhere even.  Bottom line, thoughts create everything, so pick em well, speak to the story you want for yourself often and again, stop giving a shit about the stuff that doesn’t REALLY matter in life.

Emails I subscribe to and read daily that help keep my mind on a healthy track:

I’m Passionate About

Aaaaaaaaaa…….Everything Mind+Body+Skin & Style, and people.  I LOVE helping people!  When they leave me a more confident, enlightened and more balanced person, I’m over the moon.  The feeling it gives me powers everything I do.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I want to help so much that it can come off nosey, maybe even pushy.  BUT if people weren’t nosey and pushy with me in a time of change or transition I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I’m good with it!

Topics that are close to my heart:

Favorite Sports Team

Born and raised in Kansas City less than 7 miles from both Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium makes me a Chiefs and Royals fan from birth.  I love baseball and the fact that the Royals are bringing it in Kansas City, BUT I’m a HUGE, DIE HARD CHIEFS FAN!  I waitressed at Arrowhead in high school and grew up watching games with my dad, brothers and uncles.  Marrying an equally huge fan was just icing on the cake.  I still live only 8 miles away and go to games often, we host watch parties, we travel to see them, WE LOVE THE CHIEFS!

My favorites:

My least favorite:

  • Denver Broncos – although I love Colorado <3