I absolutely love to accessorize – and cognac + gold are two of my all-time favorite accents. From a bag to a pair of shades, these hints of color and accessories can complete any outfit. What I love about both of these colors is they can go with pretty much anything – from pastels to black. So no matter what outfit you put on, one of these accessories or a combination will perfectly compliment your look of choice. My personal favorites are the bags and the shoes. I feel like having some cute cognac pieces really gives me versatility in my wardrobe, and I always suggest clients have a cognac bag and shoe in their capsule wardrobe.

Also – the GOLD! I really, really love adding gold to outfits because it just up levels the whole look. The jewelry I’ve chosen is versatile and can be added to a casual outfit to dress it up, or you can wear it all together in different combos to make an outfit extra fancy! I love wearing a cute gold necklace during the summer months because it’s an easy way to dress things up, without maximum effort. I also totally adore these rings. They’re the cutest. The best part is all of these jewelry pieces can be used throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy this capsule I’ve put together special for you. It has all the pieces you’ll need to upgrade and accessorize your looks this Summer. So throw a hat on, grab a bag, and add some gold bling to your life 🙂

Want more gold and cognac accessories in your life? I’ve already done all the work for you, just click what you like below and you can have new bling delivered to your door.