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I am Kathleen Watson, life balance and style obsessed, yes that’s me…

Meet your Style Coach

I began designing clothes with my mom at our kitchen table when I was nine, fashion has always stood out to me.  I could recall what my 4th grade teacher wore on any day because instead of learning about current events I was studying her entire look instead.  I love color, I love material.  I love to shop and experience different designers.

I studied fashion in college and have worked all over the industry holding positions from retail sales and merchandising for Macy’s top brands, to managing and eventually owning my own salon and spa.  I sold products for an international skincare, health and wellness company, even earning a white Mercedes and a top level position.  I also co-founded a subscription box company that brought personal style to your door every month.  My point in giving you my resume (forgive me) is to let you know, I’ve covered a lot of ground!  After owning a salon where I worked around women day in and day out I realized merging entrepreneurship, style and my passion for helping women feel their best was my calling in life.  By this time in life, I’d lived!  I could relate to women, through my journey of success, failures, babies, marriage, debt and self discovery I’d grown stronger and more equipt with each step I took and I wanted to share those routines, solutions, products and ah ha moments with anyone who was ready for a change.  It was then that Style School was born!

I knew I wanted to offer this service my way, and I knew that my experience would allow me to deliver an all encompassing service for Mind+Body+Skin & Style that couldn’t be duplicated.   

I’ve used my experience in fashion and beauty to build a one of a kind coaching business for busy women looking to find balance and peace of mind in their closet and life! I’ve helped hundreds of women (and a few men!) develop their personal style and feel confident and empowered day-to-day.  My tips are true life hacks and have been simplifying lives since 2009.  I have a clear vision for helping women be their best and can’t wait to share it with you!  Are you ready?

Personal Style Services
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The purpose of Style School is to bring practical personal style help to women. With my experience in the industry as well as being a business owning mom on the go I can bring a fresh outlook on a bogged down, out of balance, not-so-stylish life. My tips cover Mind+Body+Skin & Style with a special emphasis on Balance. I believe any woman can achieve a dream version of herself with the right lifestyle balance and advice.  People think its all about the outfit, but its actually an all encompassing, head to toe and inside out service I provide.  Truly life changing!

Through my one-on-one services and online course my clients get the practical solutions they need, directions they want and the personal guidance they deserve. I aim to provide my clients with solutions for their day-to-day lives and I want to grow with them! Style is a daily investment for all of us and I want to help women on their journey to personal style and balance. By the time we’re done working together my clients realize that it only takes making a few adjustments to feel and look like they’ve always wanted.  The best part, I empower them with knowledge so they can keep their style up even when I’m not around.  I don’t just feed them, I teach them to fish!

xoxo, Kathleen
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