For me exercise is such an on-purpose action.  I’m not the type who just loves it and feels out of whack if I don’t do it.

I know I need to, I enjoy it once I get started and feel great when I’m done.  I choose to do this alone because I don’t need any help in the sidetrack department.  When I involve friends we have to decide on a time that works for everyone, what kind of workout and then once its all planned there’s always the….oh, you’re my friend and I just can’t make it today, last minute call…

When its just me I can do it whenever works best for me.  Since I’ve chosen to partner with BeachBody I don’t even have to leave the house to fit in a personal trainer style butt kicking with the 21 day fix!  Its amazing and the way the workouts are scheduled, I’m switching it up all the time.  Another reason why working out with friends isn’t my thing is because you end up doing someone else’s workout and that may not be best for you.  You end up working at their pace or a pace where you can keep chatting, again, not always the best choice.

To me, a good workout is a time of no talking, fierce reflection and definitely SWEAT!  People that say they’ve just worked out and look like they’re still on their way crack me up!  The idea is to get the heart-rate going and in turn, bust out a good cleansing sweat!

Now I’m not saying I NEVER workout with others, but if I do then I like a group exercise class where you’re following someone else’s lead and trying your best to keep up.  It keeps the workout from becoming a social hour.  If I’m looking for a social hour I’m not in workout clothes, I’m on a sunny patio enjoying a cocktail! 🙂

Here are 10 reasons why working out alone works for me:

  1. I push myself farther because I’m not trying to counsel a friend on her latest whoa! moment
  2. Sometime there’s just too many cooks in the kitchen, same goes for the gym.  Everyone’s read the latest blog and heard the newest and best tips.  But once you’re at the gym, its time to get busy with what you know, not what’s new.
  3. Working out at home means I don’t have to try to look cute at the gym, it truly doesn’t matter, I just end up in the shower anyway.
  4. You can adjust when you need to, not others.  You need more weight?  Awesome, don’t stay lifting to light and keeping it easy, you want results!
  5. You can stay on plan.  Working out in a true pre-planned sequence is essential and when a friends there things can get all mixed up.
  6. No temptation to stop for a fatty latte once you’re done.
  7. It doesn’t take too much time out of your day, driving to and from and then chatting during making it longer or after you go your separate ways.  It all sounds fun but working out needs to be a daily activity and the way I workout with friends I couldn’t keep up everyday effortlessly.
  8. I can use the time to meditate and focus on releasing what’s bothering me, rather than being run down with a friends latest struggle.  Although I like to help and listen, I can do that in person or over the phone and be more present for them.
  9. If I want to workout longer, I can because its only my schedule that I’m working with.
  10. If I feel like I need someone around, a group Yoga class is only a few minutes away and its filled with people who also want to work hard, stay focused and unwind the unnecessary stresses on your mind.

Now go out and choose what’s best for you.  Along or with a Friend?  There’s no wrong answer and we’d love to hear what you prefer and why.